Know Your Rights& Responsibilities (KYR)

Our dear customer,Because you are our partner in the banking process and in terms of fairness and transparency, we offer you a way to be protected from any risks. The road starts from good knowledge of all your rights and responsibilities.

Your rights   :  know ,  Request  ,  Ask

  • Know very well the terms and conditions of the service / product before buying and you can get a copy of the contracts after signing up.
  • Know very well how to use the service / product before buying.
  • Know very well how and when to cancel the service / product and the expenses and commissions incurred.
  • Know well the interest rates, commissions and expenses before purchasing any service / product. You can follow any changes made to it through the bank's website or call us on 19200.
  • Know very well that the bank is keen to provide a distinguished service that satisfies your aspirations and will not delay in resolving any complaint and removing its causes within a maximum of 15 days. You can escalate the complaint to the Central Bank if there is no response during this period.
  • Know very well the reasons for rejecting your application and the possibility of addressing these reasons and you can take back the original documents previously submitted.
  • Request any help you need and the bank will provide it to you in a transparent manner and will not force you to a specific product / service.
  • Request any help you need and the bank will provide it to you in a transparent manner and will not force you to a specific product / service.
  • Request an advice if you fail to pay your obligations and the bank will provide you with it in the most fair and transparent way.
  • Ask and confirm if the service / product is suitable for your needs or not and how able you are to fulfill the obligations that result from it.

Your responsibilities :        Be careful ,  Commit ,  Do not disclose

Make sure to provide clear and accurate information when requesting a service / product, so that we can help you choose the service / product that suits you.

Make sure to call 19200 immediately in the following cases: -

  • Upon losing / stolen visa card (credit - debit - prepaid).
  • Upon losing the password of Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Bank Wallet or Visa Card (Credit – Debit – Prepaid).
  • When you lose your checks.
  • When unknown / unusual operations are discovered on your account or cards.

Make sure to to read all terms and conditions in the contracts / applications before signing.Be very careful to update your data when any changes occur in it or every 5 years and the most important of them (phone number - email - home address - the   nature of work).Make sure to monitor your account movement / balance regularly, through an account statement of all debit and credit transactions.Be very careful to go to your branch after paying off your entire debt to receive a clearance and the installments checks.Commit to pay the loan / facility installments on due dates so that you are not subject to: -

  • Calculation of interest and delay penalties.
  • Include your name on negative lists that prevent you from obtaining any loans / facilities from any other bank.
  • Taking judicial measures against you in case you continue not to pay.

Be sure to use secure internet sites that contain (https) before the site name.


Never disclose any information related to your bank accounts to others, especially through automated means Email / Mobile to  protect yourself  from fraud.

Do not disclose the password of the visa card or the numbers on it to anyone, even to the bank employees.

The customer is bound by these responsibilities and takes responsibility for violating it without any responsibility on the bank.

Your guide to know the bank's products and services and submit your complaint as follows:
- The website of the bank
- 24-hour hotline 19200.
- Branches customer service.
Your responsibilities                                     Be careful,   Commit,   Do not disclose