The United Bank Treasury and Capital Markets sector offers a variety of financial services and products, accompanied with professional management of the Bank's liquidity. This is backed by expert awareness of local and international markets and various factors influencing them.

Treasury Services Foreign Exchange Desk:

  • Spot Foreign Exchange Transactions:  Buying and selling of foreign currencies against The Egyptian Pound and other major currencies.


Money Market Desk:

  • Time Deposits: The United Bank offers deposits that range from 1 week up to 1 year in Egyptian pounds and other major currencies.
  • Treasury Bills: These are short – term debt instruments issued by The Central Bank of Egypt on behalf of the Ministry of Finance. T-Bills are issued with maturities of 3, 6, 9, 12 months. This instrument is highly liquid and can be traded in the secondary market. Minimum amount is EGP 25,000 and its multiples.


Capital Market Desk: 

  • Local Treasury Bonds: The desk is responsible for buying and selling long term maturities, represented in T-Bonds that range in maturity up to 10 years offered by The Central Bank of Egypt on behalf of  The Ministry of Finance.
  • Securities Trading Desk: The United Bank has the advantage of fulfilling its investments requirements and clients' needs through trading in different asset classes in the Local Stock Market. The Bank invests part if its portfolio in Egypt's Stock market in attempt to maximize its returns.