Laky package

With Laky Package. All your Dreams will come true
Laky package will offer women with various privileges designed only for her:

  • Get saving account in EGP (either in conventional or compliant with Islamic Shariaa) with no Account opening fees
  • Special interest rate of Extra 0.25% applied on Saving Account (either in conventional or compliant with Islamic Shariaa)
  • Get 1% reduction on Auto loans announced rates (New or Used cars)
  • Get 0.25% reduction on the personal loan announced admin fees
  • Get one Millionaire CD with value of 100 LE on new issued and activated Credit Card (Minimum limit 10000)
  • Welcome gift 3000 points (upon using 500 LE Limit for the first time)

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Interest rates applied on Accounts in EGP

** Terms and conditions apply.

The United Bank has the right to amend any of the Criteria, Terms, or Conditions without prior notice.