UB Phone Banking

24/7 our Phone Banking Service at your fingertips

With the state-of-the-art Phone Banking Service from The United Bank, you can bank when and where it suits you. You can access a wide range of banking services ranging from Accounts balance enquiries, account activities, money transfer, and card payments all at a touch of a button

The Phone Banking Personal Identity Number (PIN) allows you to securely access Personal Banking Accounts via the united bank Phone Banking Service. If you do not have your Phone Banking PIN, you can self-create it automatically by internet banking channel.

Phone Banking Service offers you

  • Balances of your Bank Accounts, Time Deposits, Loans and Credit Cards
  • Last 20 debit and credit transactions details done on your banking accounts and cards
  • Statement with all accounts transactions
  • Transfers between your bank accounts within united Bank
  • Transfers to another person's account within united Bank
  • Make payments to united Bank Credit Cards
  • Pay your bills and Make donation
  • New cheque book request
  • Request supplementary card

UB Mobile Token (OTP)

Add an extra level of security for your transactions with One Time Passcode (OTP) token

You will be able to secure your accounts as the token allows you to perform between account transfers & Outgoing Transfers between Egypt Bank

How to Apply for Mobile Token

  1. Downloading the Application from (Google Play or App Store)
  2. Press on Setting then Select on Device ID
  3. Login through the Internet Banking
  4. Select in Request (Request Token)
  5. Enter the National ID and Device ID
  6. Email will be sent with the activation link
  7. Enter password that consists of 6 digits that are not repeated or sequentially ordered including ( number & characters ) 
  8. Login to generate OTP

You can also speak to any of our friendly Call Centre Representatives by calling 19200 at any time and they will be happy to assist you.