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United Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility vision

Achieving leadership in the areas of responsibility and community development and the advancement of cultural, educational, social, health and environmental aspects, to open the doors of goodness to contribute to sustainable development efforts and meet the requirements of society while consolidating institutional service work.

United Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Philosophy – Mission

Consolidating and deepening the social role of financial institutions in comprehensive sustainable community development by working to come up with practical solutions and new mechanisms to confront acute problems. At the forefront of these solutions was zakat, alms and endowment funds, as they are closely linked to religion, and in addition to the social role, it has an economic and scientific role for the development of civil society within an institutional framework, which is the solid nucleus of society, as it is the weight that works to promote and individualize and raise their health, educational and cultural level, and cultural, social and economic work as a team to achieve the strategic vision and aspirations of The United Bank. This is done by creating a range of social, cultural and humanitarian activities

United Bank’s Corporate Social Responsibility Goals

Supporting the health and education sectors to advance the Egyptian society in all sustainable development fields and because we at The United Bank believe deeply in the importance of participating in community development plans, we have activated the role of partnership, not just financing between us and the civil society institutions that are selected on the basis and quality standards, and they are among the active and responsible youth institutions that work on the ground and have an impact A tangible activity that brings benefit to individuals and then society as a whole. Our goal is to reach the homeland with a healthy, educated, superior, and active generation that leads Egypt to a brilliant future in line with Egypt’s Vision 2030.

  • Investing in creating socially and environmentally responsible activities to create a positive impact inside and outside The United Bank.
  • Contribute to sustainable development efforts and meet the requirements of society.
  • The Bank's contribution to spreading community awareness in preserving the environment.
  • Commitment to the principles of community development within The United Bank, which aims to reduce costs through rationalization in the use of energy of all kinds and work tools (prints - copy paper.....) which negatively affect the environment.
  • Attracting a new base of customers in the local market and those working abroad by attracting their zakat and donations and directing them to the concerned institutions.
  • Spreading and deepening the principles of sustainable community development and business strategy that serve its development inside and outside the bank.
  • The participation of the employees of the United Bank in sustainable community development.


Define social responsibility

Commitment to contribute to sustainable development by working with the local community in order to improve the standard of living of individuals in a way that serves the economy and serves development at the same time and enhance value creation by supporting the spirit of social responsibility of the bank and commitment towards occupying the largest role in sustainable development by establishing economic and social goals in Inside and outside the bank.


Since corporate governance is the pillar of social responsibility within the institution, social responsibility, on the other hand, is a feature of governance, and both of them work harmoniously under the umbrella of governance principles issued by the Central Bank.


Social responsibility is one of the most important areas of activities, as it is the bridge through which it plays its role towards society. It participates in combating poverty, distributing wealth and contributing to the dissemination of justice, using a number of banking products in fulfillment of its social responsibility, such as donations, providing a good loan, and financing craftsmen. and owners of small projects, financing health services, contributing to solidarity, cooperation, progress and social awareness, and achieving comprehensive development