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Rakhaa Fund With Daily Accumulated Return

  • The first fund issued, according to Shariaa provisions, under the supervision of Islamic Shariaa Consultancy with daily variable accumulative return.
  • Tax free.
  • The possibility of daily subscription and redemption until 12 pm, without any additional fees throughout all The United Bank branches.
  • This fund provides the chance to make Morabhaa against Rakhaa fund IC’s reaches up to 95% out of its face value.
  • The fund doesn’t invest in shares at all.
  • The minimum number of IC’s to be purchased for the first time is 50 IC’s after that the customer can by any number of IC’s.
  • Available for individuals and corporates.

Rakhaa Fund Exchange Rates

380.55 EGP Updated 25/05/2024

Rakhaa fund:

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