Mission and Vision

The United Bank Vision

To be one of the leading financial service providers in Egypt, recognizable for its staff, strong core values, outstanding performance and sustainable growth.

Core Values :

  • Client focus

UB clients’ satisfaction is in the core of UB goals.

  • Integrity

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of banking services under UB “Code of Ethics”.

  • Accountability

We take ownership for personal and collective high quality performance.

  • Teamwork

We work as one unit with closer collaboration

  • Will to win

We truly believe in doing what others believe we cannot do

  • Add value to our society

We focus on our society, contributing to and enhancing the people we operate with.

The United Bank Mission

· Maximize UB shareholders’ value through satisfying clients’ financial needs.

· Capitalize on UB unique products and services, Shariaa compliant, digital banking solutions, and operational excellence.

·  We deeply believe in investing in human capital development.

·   Engage with our society utilizing UB CSR activities is one of our core principles. 

·    Contribute and support national initiatives and major and selective projects aiming to add value towards a sustainable, growing economy.

·    Financial inclusion will be in the core of UB Strategy.