Shariaa Board


Charter of Shariaa Supervisory of the United Bank

The Shariaa Supervisory board at the United Bank is a separate and an independent unit appointed by the board of directors. It consists of senior Muslim scholars who have in-depth experience and specialization in legal, financial and banking matters.

The Shariaa Supervisory board provides consultations in all banking transactions executed by the bank in order to ensure that all transactions are in compliance with Shariaa rulings, fatwas and recommendations.

The board is also responsible for reviewing, approving and supervising all contracts, agreements and products provided by the bank. At the same time, it works closely with all the bank’s administrative units to create dynamic, innovative and Islamic financial solutions.

The United Bank Shariaa Board Members Biography:

Shariaa Board Members


Sheikh Dr. Ali Gomaa Mohamed Abd El Wahab (Ali Gomaa)  

The former Grand Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt and member of Islamic scholars institution


Sheikh Dr. Magdy Mohamed Mohamed Ashour (Magdy Ashour)

Academic advisor to the Grand Mufti of the Arab Republic of Egypt


Sheikh Dr. Amr Mustafa Hasanien El Wardany (Amr El Wardany)

 Fatwa committee counselor at Egypt's Dar Al Ifta