CSR Fields

Zewail City for Science and Technology.

Supporting the unable and outstanding university students at Zewail City University of Science and Technology in various grants that benefit the largest number in the form of a Full Scholarship or partially Partial Scholarship until graduation from the university

Students of the Faculty of Engineering - Cairo University.

The United Bank supported the Shell Eco Cairo University Engineering Student Team in the field of designing and manufacturing environmentally friendly and energy-saving cars.

Long Live Egypt Fund (Virus C)

Completing a comprehensive medical survey for all employees of the bank, its subsidiaries and support services, providing treatment for the injured, and declaring the United Bank the first institution free of C virus.

Our children's initiative in our eyes

A national initiative that is not inferior to any national initiative in any way, and it is the initiative of our children in our eyes that was started in 2017, in cooperation with the Good Makers Foundation, a tripartite protocol was signed between the United Bank, the Ministry of Education and the Good Makers Foundation under the auspices of the Council of Ministers, which was adopted The President’s initiative “A decent life” to support the campaign of our children in Anina to conduct a comprehensive survey of the schools of the district of Itsa and El Seddik Youssef in Fayoum and St. Catherine on four axes:

  • Fighting anemia and anemia
  • Anti-Blindness
  • Diabetes in children
  • Skin diseases and their prevention

A medical team was used to examine the school children and perform the necessary analyzes and eye surgeries

Eyeglasses were made, and awareness was made of the proper food method, hygiene for children and their families, and protection from germs and microbes.


The total number of schools is 65 schools

The total number of students is 39,000 students

Our children in our eyes campaign in Halayeb and Shalateen

In continuation to serve the border governorates, the campaign “Our Children in Our Eyes” is launched to detect school children

For eye diseases - skin diseases - anemia and anemia - personal hygiene for the following stages

(Kindergarten - primary - preparatory) for 20 schools with a total of 4000 students

St. Catherine's Campaign (Anak fi Anina)

It was a campaign for adults and children to inspect the parents and children of the schools of St. Catherine (Wadi Silaa – Al Tarfa – Asba’iya – Sheikh Awad – Wadi Al Raha). The St. Catherine campaign achieved great successes and an unprecedented turnout from the people. Medicines and eyeglasses were distributed and the people were accompanied To perform surgical operations for them in Cairo and return them to their homes and follow up on them, in order to achieve comprehensive development that targets remote border areas to serve

Awareness campaign against breast cancer

In cooperation with Sonaa Al-Khair Foundation and Baheya Hospital for Breast Cancer Control, an awareness campaign was conducted for women against breast tumors in the Saint Catherine and Wadi Al Raha area. Awareness was also carried out against the spread of infection, prevention of skin diseases and addiction control.

Institute of Diabetes and Endocrinology

The Board of Directors decided to agree to contribute to supporting the needs of the Diabetes and Endocrinology Institute by providing cardiac catheterization operations and a respirator

Abou El Rish Hospital

The Abou El Rish Hospital was visited and its needs for medicines were met, in coordination with the medical department of the bank, in the form of donations from the employees of the United Bank.

Baheya Foundation for Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer

Supporting Baheya Foundation for early detection and treatment of breast cancer, activating the institution’s account with the United Bank, supporting the most needy women and they will be celebrated through The United Bank and a protocol of cooperation with the Foundation for the examination and treatment of female workers in the bank and employees’ wives, with the provision of awareness campaigns for all the women of The United Bank for early detection

El Minshawy General Hospital

Supporting El-Minshawy General Hospital in Tanta with a respirator to serve patients who are unable

The 100 Million Seha campaign (to detect diseases of pressure and diabetes)

The initiative of the President of the Republic, 100 million health, to detect diseases of pressure and diabetes on workers, male and female colleagues, at the United Bank on all branches.

Elimination of waiting lists - Ministry of Health

Elimination of waiting lists for patients with surgeries and advanced interventions in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health and Population, and we are being provided by the Central Bank with a list of patients who have been treated

Visit 57357 Children's Cancer Hospital

Supporting the hospital account with the United Bank, making a visit to the hospital and donating platelets, especially children with cancer patients, the free department, the Oncology Institute - a donation campaign from young people working for the hospital

Blood Donation Campaign

The campaign for bank employees to donate blood for the benefit of the National Cancer Institute for free in the headquarters and main buildings and the Heliopolis area, and it achieved great success

Shefa El Orman Hospital in Luxor

Supporting hospital needs and providing a kidney device with a water treatment unit

Qasr El Aini Friends Association

The United Bank has purchased a dermatome device to obtain skin grafts in large areas for children's burn patients

National Cancer Institute for the detection of cancer

The United Bank contributed to launching a medication campaign with the aim of increasing cultural awareness of the importance of material contributions to support the treatment and research system in Egypt, scientific research for therapeutic purposes. Developing the scientific research system to solve a number of societal issues, the most important of which are issues related to the health of the citizen. Suffering from Mediterranean anemia, and the United Bank provided an electric generator that works when the electricity is cut off for the dialysis unit of the hospital affiliated with the Egyptian Red Crescent Society in Sohag Governorate, and also provided an early detection device for the National Cancer Institute, which is one of the largest treatment and research institutions specialized in treatment and research Cancer in Egypt and the Middle East

Catherine's Hospital

St. Catherine Hospital delivered the following devices:-

  • EKG device with warranty
  • Oxygen generator with warranty
  • Nebulizer
  • Face Shield

And that as a donation from the bank’s employees to St. Catherine Hospital

Sohag University

Upper Egypt campaign conducting a medical survey and treating Sohag University students from hepatitis C in cooperation with Long Live Egypt

Imbaba Diets

Believing in the importance of the role of this prestigious medical institution in serving patients in general and those who are unable in particular, The United Bank launched a national campaign since last 2014 to provide support and assistance to replace and renew the endoscopy unit at Imbaba Fever Hospital. In order to complement the steps of the Central Bank of Egypt, which began in 1993 to support this ancient medical edifice, and to complement the path of health and therapeutic support and support for the United Bank, the “Tadawi” account of the bank donated 2 new medical devices to the Imbaba Fever Hospital. This is in the context of the bank’s efforts to reduce the burdens on patients who are unable and support treatment institutions in fulfilling their role.

Future Hands

Supporting the Future Hands Association for the treatment of oncology patients in Alexandria and the Delta, where the association treats patients who are unable to afford the treatment of cancerous tumors, including (chemotherapy - radiation - emergency - central care - etc.)

Orphan's Day in Gharbia Governorate

Orphan’s Day was celebrated through the participation of the Good Makers Foundation in the process of detecting eye diseases, anemia and diabetes in all orphanages in Gharbia, and medical glasses and medicines were distributed to our orphans, as well as homes for the elderly and the distribution of souvenirs.

Supporting the organization of a collective wedding celebration for orphaned girls in South Sinai Governorate

The Board of Directors agreed to participate in supporting the organization of a collective wedding celebration for orphaned girls in the city of El Tour in South Sinai Governorate, by purchasing household supplies represented in (TV - stove - heater)

Reducing the spread of the Corona virus

In cooperation with the Good Makers Foundation, the areas north and south of Cairo were supported by providing a bag of sterilization materials and media awareness to reduce the spread of the Corona virus, and a protection bag was distributed to cleaners and agricultural workers in the neighborhoods of Heliopolis and Helwan


In cooperation with the Good Makers Foundation, a protective bag and a Face Shield were distributed to all the ambushes of the army and the police after the tunnel of the martyr Ahmed Hamdy, all the way to the city of Saint Catherine, as well as to the city councils of Ras Sedr, Abou Zenima, Abou Ordis, and the cleaners and parks workers in it.


Supporting daily workers who have been affected by the precautionary work procedures due to the spread of the new Corona virus through the Long Live Egypt Fund


Contribute to the initiative of the Union of Banks to contribute to supporting those affected by the new epidemic of the Corona virus

Feeding during Ramadan

In cooperation with the Misr Foundation and under the auspices of the United Bank, the feeding campaign was supervised in the month of Ramadan to distribute a carton of foodstuffs and cover the largest number of the poorest governorates


The city of Saint Catherine and its valleys, the city of al-Tur and central Sinai were covered with a carton of foodstuffs, a bottle of juice and a potato sack, as well as the distribution of the gatherings of Saint Catherine and the valleys of Tarfa and Sheikh Awa in Saint Catherine and the city of al-Tur and central Sinai in the villages of Capricorn and the gatherings of Kharazin, the bishop, El Nusra Abou-Zaytouna, Abou Madi, El Sadod, El Ras El Asfar, El-Asba’iya, El Asba’iah Alawi, Al-Marwa, Sheikh Mohsen, Gharba, Sheikh Awad El-Daba’iya, Awlad Hasballah, Umm Hasah, El Tarfa, Umm Haraba, Gathering Peace, ElTofaha, El-Maqa’ah, El-Quays, El Hashisha, Shamiya, El Raeess, Wadi Shreij, Abou Selayeh


The gatherings of Luxor Governorate and the poorest Qena were covered with a number of cartons of foodstuffs, a bottle of juice and a potato sack and were distributed to the needy, as well as to the gatherings in Luxor Center (Esna, El Zaniyah, Karnak, El Shaghog, Abou El Goud, Labrakiya, El Samanin,

El Naqqaba).

El Shorouk area was covered with a number of cartons of foodstuffs, a bottle of juice and a potato sack, and they were distributed to the needy throughout El Shorouk District 1 and El-Asheer District, in the presence of Major General Mohamed Saber - Social Communication Officer for the Anti-Terrorism Forces, East Canal Region

Distributing a sweatshirt to the children of Halayeb and Shalateen schools

Distribution of sweatshirts to children of Halayeb and Shalateen schools in different stages of education (kindergarten - primary - preparatory) for a number of schools

Feeding homeless cases

Feeding the homeless cases in the downtown Cairo area, in partnership with the Good Makers Foundation, within the framework of the Ministry of Social Solidarity's "Decent Life" initiative.

Sustainability project for St. Catherine and Moses Mount and the surrounding villages and valleys

Distributing blankets to our people in St. Catherine, Moses Mount and the neighboring valleys

Distributing school bags, school supplies and colors to students in the schools of Saint Catherine, Mount Moses and the surrounding valleys

Distribution of T-shirts to school students in the Saint Catherine and Mount Moses area and the surrounding valleys

The account of the debtors

In September 2009, during the month of Ramadan, the first donation account was opened for the debtors in cooperation with the Misr Al-Khair Foundation, and the first advertisement was published in Al-Ahram newspaper, in which the year 2020 was announced.

Mansoura University convoy

Contributing to the Mansoura University convoy for the relief of the people of Sinai Governorate

Supporting the needs of the city of Saint Catherine as a result of the torrential rains

In view of the torrential rains that swept the country, it was approved to support the flood-damaged lighthouses in the Saint Catherine area by providing linoleum to cover the roofs of the damaged houses.

The protocol of the Egyptian Banks Association

Developing the slums of Helwan and Giza, the protocol has been signed, and the construction and development of a school complex, a medical complex, and infrastructure support are underway.

Long live Egypt fund

Contributing to the development process in North Sinai and the center of Bir al-Abed and completely covering its necessary needs of water in order to create ways of life in the region on a permanent basis.

The Holy Quran Competition

An integrated program was adopted for the care and care of the memorizers of the Noble Qur’an from social and scientific upbringing, and for the first time added the areas of Faraskour and Zarqa in Damietta and Ismailia Governorate, which are located under the Canal Cities region, as well as the Governorate of South Sinai and the surrounding areas of Saint Catherine, Abu Zenima, Ras Sidr, Abou Rudeis, ElTour, Dahab, Nuweiba, Alexandria, Beheira, Marsa Matrouh, Siwa, El-Negila, Salloum and El-Dabaa to include 3000 male and female students. 2019 in Mansoura and Minya.

Sacrifice instruments

Marketing the sacrifice bonds for the benefit of the Misr El Kheir Foundation, the Egyptian Food Bank and the Orman Association, with the preparation of a campaign to distribute the sacrifice bonds through the bank’s branches in all governorates, automated teller machines and online banking channels

Financial Inclusion

Under the patronage of Major General / Khaled Fouda - Governor of South Sinai and The United Bank, a financial inclusion conference was held in the city of El Tour for our people in South Sinai Governorate. Through the conference, the opening of the current account and real estate financing was introduced. With the Secretary of the Governor and how to exploit and market it through the work of exhibitions of Sinai handicrafts under the auspices of the United Bank and the Governorate of South Sinai

Care Center for People with Special Needs - Ain Shams University

The Board of Directors approved the approval of the contribution to establish the auditory integration room of the Sensory-Motor Integration Unit for people with special needs.

Our Heritage Exhibition

The United Bank’s participation through Bedouin products in our heritage exhibition and the agreement to provide support to Bedouin women through conducting lectures to learn how to market Bedouin products and the use of digital technology in buying and selling

Development in the South Sinai region

Conducted a study in partnership with the Nour Ali Nour Association and with the assistance of the Ministry of Solidarity, to encourage the population to raise the efficiency of handicrafts and to create an electronic market for marketing products and handicrafts in the area of ​​Saint Catherine, Mount Moses, Tarfa, valleys and the surrounding areas

Sharm El-Sheikh Exhibition for Handicrafts

An exhibition was held on the sidelines of the celebration of the Holy Qur’an competition in Sharm El-Sheikh to display the handicrafts and Bedouin works of the people of Saint Catherine and Mount Moses and the surrounding valleys, to encourage the people of the South Sinai region

Empowerment project for the people of St. Catherine

Employing 350 families as a first stage to economically empower the people of St. Catherine and Mount Transfiguration, by providing

The Tajalliyat campaign contributes to improving the standard of living of the people of the region, raising the quality of the product targeted for export, as well as enhancing awareness of the “Tajalliyat” brand locally and globally, enhancing the market position, and building a broad audience base.

The products of the "Manifestations" campaign, including "the blessed tree, Sinai olive oil, the rosary of the Holy Valley, heritage artifacts, and mountain honey."