Financial Inclusion


Financial inclusion is considered one of the fundamental pillars of sustainable development strategy. According to Egypt Vision 2030, it has the potential to improve inclusive growth opportunities and maintaining financial and social stability in order to achieve the goal of a "competitive economy.

Concept of Financial Inclusion:

• According to the Central Bank and Banking System Law No. 194 of 2020, financial inclusion refers to providing various financial services for use by all segments of society through official channels, with appropriate quality and cost, while protecting the rights of service beneficiaries. This enables them to manage their finances effectively.

• Financial inclusion means that every individual or institution in society should have suitable financial products to matching their financial needs at an affordable cost. These products are provided by the United Bank through financial inclusion bundle of products such as( current accounts, savings accounts, financial inclusion accounts, personal loans, mortgage financing, credit cards, online banking services, and more)

• The United Bank expanding its branches network and services in various regions of Egypt, including rural and remote areas, to providing easy and convenient banking services for everyone.


Financial Inclusion flyers

Financial Education and the Importance of Saving
Always remind yourself about the importance of improving your financial literacy, as it enables you to secure financial stability for yourself and your family, (saving is a necessity, not a choice)

Important Events
• The United Bank received the Excellence Award in the field of financial inclusion from the Union of Arab Banks in 2021, because of comprehensive activities, which provided throughout the year.

• Participation in financial inclusion events through awareness and educational seminars that targeting women, youth, and the elderly.

• Participation in the "HAYAH KREMA" initiative.

Financial Inclusion Events


Participation in the " HAYAH KREMA " Initiative

The role of the United Bank in the " HAYAH KREMA " initiative lies in providing financial support and banking services to projects and development initiatives within the framework of the initiative.
The United Bank works towards promoting financial inclusion and providing financial opportunities for individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises in the targeted areas of the " HAYAH KREMA " initiative.
In addition, the United Bank is expanding its branches network and services in the targeted areas of the initiative, including rural and remote areas, especially in Upper Egypt and providing ATMs machines to enhance the financial sector infrastructure.