Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on March 24 , 2024

Ajyal is an exclusive banking and financial package mainly personalized to help youth learn & practice the fundamentals of banking, while including them in the financial system. The service aims to create & build strong banking & financial bonds with young youth.

The customer age from 14 years to  25 years’ old

• Free account opening fees for Youth saving account (conventional & Islamic) with differential rate.
• Free branded Debit card with special limits
• Customized free prepaid card (Gift Card, Internet card)
•  Discount on admin fees for easy learn loan
•  Chance for summer training in UB for eligible applicants

yes as customer can have financial inclusion account as per CBE parameters

Laky Package is an exclusive banking and financial service package designed mainly  to empower women financially. The package provides  women with variety of banking & financial products and services that  are designed especially for her.

 All women from age 21  can apply for Laky package 

• Saving account with preferential interest rate and free account opening fees.
• lower interest  on Auto loans interest rate (Used/New Car)
•  lower fees on the admin Fees (Personal Loans)
• Free branded Debit card.     
• Free Millionaire Certificate on new Issued/Activated Credit Cards
• Welcome Gift 3,000 Points while using UB Credit card with EGP 500.

The customer can enjoy only one package 

Car Murabha is one of Islamic finance tools,  based on :
*the bank buy the car and sold it to the customers after completes the legal acquisition procedures ,customer pays for it at a forward  rate on monthly installments.
 So that the car selling price is the total cost of the car plus the amount of profit that was previously shared with the customer.

visit UB website & browse to tariff list to know the services & products fees & charges

Murabaha is a form of Islamic banking finance that is applied within the framework of Shariaa as follows:
* the bank buys the Goods or service at a known price and then resale it to the customer after adding a known profit which resulted from the sale process, while allowing the payment of these funds on installments,
*Mourabha Interest rate can not be amend along its duration.
*Mourabha is not a subject of top up the existing finance , purchase the existing debts of customer and also buy certificates or treasury bills by it.
while loans are one of personal finance products, where the bank finance the customer with specific duration, and repaid on fixed installments.It is allowed to (top up) the existing loan amount and/or purchase of existing loan debts of customers by a new personal loan.

Murabha or loan is a form of finance  in which the bank offers finance amount up to 90% of customer's savings for a specified period of time and it can be repaid on fixed installments , Murabaha is a fianace  up to 90% of  customer's savings to be used in buying a product and resale it for a known profit to be repaid on fixed installments.,
As for the overdraft, the customer can withdraw up to 90% of customer's savings ( saving , TD's , CD's )  and it can be repid in full or partial along the facility duration and it can be renewed on yearly basis.

you can know the deposit parameters or any other liability products through the UB Website or call 19200 or visit UB branches

it’s a time deposit that provide the interest in the beginning of the deposit issuance (next working day of the issuance)

You can have it next working day of the Time deposit issuance date

The time deposit with interest paid in advance one of its advantages is the frequency of interest payment, as you can get the interest at the beginning of the time deposit issuance with no need to wait (monthly , quarterly …etc)

The announced and applied interest rates is annual interest rates and you can get the interest calculated only on the time deposit duration

The customer will have the interest with a little deduction due to the calculation of the interest which is based on the present value of the announced rate

you can know the applied terms and conditions on refunding for any type of time deposit  as per announced on the united bank website or by calling 19200

Double of the annual rental fees 

you can calculate it by :
(CD amount * the announced interest rate)/ No. of payment per year

The refund penalty rate is deducted from the products announced interest rate as per it's terms and conditions

The interest rate is calculated on the lowest balance per month and paid quarterly

The interest rate is calculated on daily balance and paid monthly

The interest rate is calculated on daily balance and paid monthly

• Competitive interest rate on the saving account in EGP and free account opening fees.
• Auto & personal loans are exempted from admin fees.
• Diamond account with Distinguish interest rate calculated on daily basis paid monthly
• special rate on TDs
• Free platinum credit card & 2 free supplementary credit card
• Free Debit card with special limits for cash & purchasing
• 4 free checkbooks yearly.
• special unsecured limit for credit card

Diamond service is for individuals only, not for companies

• The customer will enjoy all Diamond privileges when maintaining the amount of EGP 500K or its equivalent in any other currency in the bank.
• Or when the customer transfers his monthly salary (not less than 30K) to the bank.

you can activate your card by one of the following channels:

  • internet banking
  • Mobile banking
  • UB ATM
  • send SMS on # "19200" contain letter A then last 4 digit numbers from your card for Ex.(A1234)

you can deactivate your card by using the following channels:
stop your card temporary
send SMS on # "19200" contain letter D then last 4 digit numbers from your card fro Ex.(D1234)
stop your card in case of stolen
send SMS on # "19200" contain letter S then last 4 digit numbers from your card fro Ex.(S1234)
by visiting UB branch
Call 19200

• Accepting platinuim card all over the world
• Use of (Lounge Key) for VIP visitors in 25 airports around the world
• A selection of distinguished offers locally and internationally for shopping, travel and restaurants.
• Medical and legal consultations around the world in addition to Supporting services while traveling.
• Insurance on the goods purchased by Platinum Card against loss, theft or damage
In order to know the airport VIP lounges, the customer must download the Lounge Key, Visa byound application or Visit Mastercard travel pass (As per card type) 

•The prepaid card in EGP.
• Prepaid card in currencies (Dollar - Souid Rial - Euro - Sterling)
•(National Card)  Meeza Prepaid card

Visa Classic
Visa Gold
Visa Platinum
MasterCard Classic
MasterCard Titanium
MasterCard Platinum
Rakhaa MasterCard Classic -compliance with Sharia
Rakhaa MasterCard Gold - compliance with Sharia

• Not fulfilled all required data and documents   
• The debt burden rate exceeds 50% of net income
• The customer is included in the negative lists or has any credit problems or obstacles from obtaining a card

The customer can know the credit limit of his card through customer service  or through the call center 19200 or via internet banking and mobile banking immediately after card issuance

Yes, it is possible to determine a separate credit limit for the supplementary card as per customer request but will not exceed the primary card ,the total limits granted to the primary card

The customer can settle his credit card by the following:

  • Visit any of the United bank branches
  • Using The United Bank ATM's
  • UB Internet banking
  • UB Mobile banking
  • Leave outstanding orders with a minimum of 5% or in full payment 100% deduction from the account that is determined by the customer
  • IPN Application

•The customer does not pay the minimum amount on time, the card is reactivated immediately after the customer pays the due amounts .
• Use his card in transactions not matched with the card nature
• Make more deposits than the required due amount in order to increase the credit card limit which is against the bank’s rules

The expiration date is printed on the card and the renewal of the existing card take place before the expiration date by sufficient period to be delivered to customers before the expiry date

•The customer send SMS on # "19200" contain letter S then last 4 digit numbers from your card for Ex.(S1234)
• The customer can ask to issue a replacement card through the call center/ internet banking/ visit UB branches, and it will be issued with the same credit limit and expiration date.

In case the customer lost his password, the customer can contact the call center and a new temporary PIN (OTAC) will be sent valid for 48 hours. The customer will use it on any of the bank's ATM machines to create the new PIN

1- Cash Back System applied on purchases transactions (Not applied on withdrwal transactions)
2- Cashback is applied on all types of credit cards, whether basic or supplementary
3- A point is calculated for every 2 EGP of purchases
4- The minimum points to be redeemed is 3000 points
5- Every 3000 points is redeemed with 50 L.E cash back
6- The points redeemed are added to the customer's credit card account

The prepaid card in foreign currency can be used inside Egypt in Egyptian pound only, the transaction value deducted with the equivalent according to the exchange rate on the prepaid card account

The internet card can be used inside Egypt for cash withdrawals and purchases by EGP

The bank is not responsible for managing the currency of the customer, only the customer is responsible for managing the amounts for its use that  will deposit on the card from its own resources, whether from his personal account in the bank in foreign currency or in cash, and the branch is responsible to investigate about the sources of those currencies

The full balance can be used for purchases or for cash withdrawals, but do not exceed the daily or monthly usage limit

The standing order for credit card can be changed through the call center 19200 or visit the nearest branch of UB whether to settle the minimum payment or the full balance 

The service is available which allows you to transfer cash from the credit card to your personal account at The United Bank for use and repay it on installment up to 36 months,so the amount will be deducted from the credit card and transferred to the customer account, you can request for the service through the call center 19200 or visit the nearest Branches for the UB

The OTP service is available and while using the internet website that support the OTP service you will receive SMS with the OTP code to complete the transaction

The customer can request to add more than one during the month but not exceed the card monthly limit, the customer can request for the service from the call center or visit the nearest branches for UB

All products and service information are available on The United Bank website or call 19200

All products and service information are available on The United Bank website or call 19200

All products and service information are available on The United Bank website or call 19200

All products and service information are available on The United Bank website or call 19200

All products and service information are available on The United Bank website or call 19200

All products and service information are available on The United Bank website or call 19200

All products and service information are available on The United Bank website or call 19200

All products and service information are available on The United Bank website or call 19200

Islamic accounts and certificates are based on Mudaraba,and profits are distributed as a result of actual activity. Therefore, the declared returns represent the lastest percentage of profit distribution, and it is subject to changes.  The returns are spent on account until settlements approved by the Sharia Board.

you can have secured loan up to 90% of the certificate amount 

Winners are announced on monthly basis on the UB official Facebook page, the official UB website, and El Goumhoreya newspaper.
You can also call us on 19200 to know the winners.

you can pay it before end of day 25 of the next month for conventional credit cards, and before end of day 25 of the next month for Rakhaa credit card

  • UB Digital Wallet works 24/7
  • My Balance Service.
  • Wallet Load Service.
  • Deduction from the bank account or through credit cards (for UB Customers only), Or through all Fawry Retailers or through the ATMs of the United Bank or any of the machines that have "Meeza Logo”.
  • Send Money service.
  • Cash withdrawal from the digital wallet through all Fawry Retailers, or through the United Bank's ATMs, or any ATM that have "Meeza logo”.
  • Payment History.
  • Purchasing services using (QR Code & R2P).
  • Fawry Services which include the following:

Mobile Services, Government Utilities, Donations, Insurance Service, Ticketing & Tourism, Electronic Payments ,Renewing the car license and paying the fines.

  • Paying the dues with different sectors.
  • Track your wallet balances and the history of the transactions you made previously on the home page after logging in to the application.
  • Create a "favorites" list for your bills and pay them all with one click.
  • Generate E-Statement for the transactions made through the application of the digital wallet for the last 6 months, and it can be printed in PDF format.
  • Know service fees through the price list available on the application.
  • Submit suggestions and complaints about the transactions by rating each transaction on the application.
  • Find the nearest Fawry service providers and their locations on the map.
  • Change your M-PIN anytime.
  • App. Tutorial including all services.
  • Help Center, which includes a set of questions about the digital wallet.
  • Adding or removing bank account / credit cards linked to the wallet App for United Bank customers.

1- A deduction from the bank account - for customers of the United Bank.
2- A deduction from the credit cards of the United Bank.
3- Through the ATM machine that have "Meeza logo”.
4- Through "Fawry Retailers".
5- By receiving transfers from other Wallets

•Maximum wallet balance: 40,000 EGP.
• The daily maximum limit for transactions from the wallet: 30,000 EGP.
• The maximum monthly transactions for the portfolio: 100,000 EGP.

  • You must be an Egyptian
  • Valid national identification card.
  • You must have an Egyptian mobile number registered in your name, and same mobile phone number not registered in any other electronic wallet (another bank or telecom company).
  • You can have a maximum of 3 Digital wallets on the same national card number with different mobile phone numbers.

• The phone number is not registered in the name of the applicant.
• The phone number mustn't be registered on another bank wallet.
• That the customer already has 3 wallets for the ID card in different mobile numbers.

• Go to the nearest branch to fill in the service application form.
• An SMS will be sent to you from the United Bank; To notify you of both the link and the number for activating the service if the application is accepted.
• Download the UB Digital Wallet app from Google Play or the App Store.

The service will be suspended until you contact the call center 19200 to reset the password after confirming your data.

  • UB Internet Banking works 24/7
  • Log in to the United Bank website
  • Choose the Internet banking service for individuals
  • Press on New User
  • Choose the language to complete the procedures and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Write the account number consisting of 6 numbers. The ID card / date of birth / mobile number (according to what is already registered on the bank's computer system)
  • Activation code will be sent by SMS to the mobile phone number registered in the database
  • The customer creates a "user name" and then chooses the channels to subscribe to (bank internet - mobile phone - alerts - voice service).
  • The security questions are written and the answer to the question is drawn up. (They are used in the event of a lost password and a new password reset).


-Password Policy:

o Consists of at least 8 characters.
o Contains uppercase and lowercase letters like "ABC" "abc".
o Contains special characters like @ # $% ^ &.
o Contains numbers such as 123456789.

• Go to the nearest branch of the United Bank.
• Fill out the online banking subscription form, explaining the channels you want to subscribe to.
• The user name will be sent via the registered email to the database.
• The password will be sent by SMS to the mobile phone number registered in the database.
• Once the user name and password are received, the call center 19200 will be contacted to activate the service. Then the online banking login is logged in with the user name and password and a new password is created.

The banking phone can be activated through customer service 19200.
Or through the banking internet service by choosing (Settings - adding a new channel - choosing the mobile service and then confirming).

1- Transfer from one account to another within the bank.
2- Transfer from an account to another account outside the bank.
3- Transfer to any digital wallet.
4- Pay Vodafone bills and recharge credits.
5- Donations.

• Download the application from (Apple Store / Google Play).
• After downloading the application, please press Setting.
• Click Show Device ID from the app.
• Online banking access.
• Click on Requests.
• Click on a Token Request icon.
• Entering the national card number and the device ID number on the banking website.
• Click Accept.
• An email will be sent with the system identification link.
• Click on the link to activate the variable PIN system.
• Enter the 8-digit password, letters and symbols.

• Download the application from (Apple Store / Google Play).
• After downloading the application, please press Setting.
• Click Show Device ID from the app.
• Online banking access.
• Click on Requests.
• Click on a Token Request icon.
• Entering the national card number and the device ID number on the banking website.
• Click Accept.
• An email will be sent with the system identification link.
• Click on the link to activate the variable PIN system.
• Enter the 8-digit password, letters and symbols

Through the application by clicking on the settings and then changing the password

  • Call customer service 19200
  • A new password reset request is required
  • Entering the bank wallet application
  • Clicking on the password forgot the password
  • A new password is created for the user

Through the app. from adding account

  • Download it from the store
  • Writing the wallet number - the previous secret number.
  • Click on Login and then write the activation code sent to the wallet number.

Kindly contact our customer service on 19200

Please kindly visit the nearest branch of The United Bank and submit an application.
Or through the self-un-registration feature, which enables the customer to immediately unregister the subscription to the UB digital wallet at any time without the need to visit the branch through the application.

kindly use the below channels to apply your complaint:

  • UB Website –
  • Send e-mail to
  • UB Call Center - 19200
  • UB Internet Banking Service
  • UB Customer Service or Complaints Box in all UB Branches



Dear Customer, UB is keen to meet all customer's requirements.

In case of any complain, It will be investigated and answered within 15 working days. If customer is not satisfied with the answer or resolution, he can escalate the complaint again and we will re-investigate and give the final answer within 15 working days. Customer can escalate the complaint to CBE only if we did not answer the complaint within the mentioned time or if he is not satisfied with our solution.

first: "The legal terms" that should be in the unit financed:
* it should be complete and finished and ready to move in
* it should be registered in the real state publicity or ready to be registered which means that the lands are registered and licensed or at the new cities
second: terms and conditions should be available in the customer " credit terms ":
* the documents that proves customer's income weather if the customer is an employee or has an own business or self-employed or an Egyptian works abroad or a foreigner lives in Egypt.
these documents allow calculating the loan type and loan amount.

It could be residential - managerial - commercial

• Application and inquiry fees '350 EGP "
• Administrative expenses ' 1.5 % '
• Accelerated amortization fees " 1 % of the rest of the loan "
• The registration fees of the unit which paid in the real state publicity

1. Total monthly income for (single individual 40.000 maximum, family 50.000 maximum.) Noting that the income of husband and wife can be joined.
2. Maximum unit price is 2.5 million.
3. Financing fully constructed, facilitated, fully finished and ready-to-move-in units.
4. Minimum down payment is 15% of unit price. Maximum financing price is 85% of unit price (according to buying price or evaluating price, whichever is less).
5. Maximum monthly installment is 40% of monthly total income (all other obligations/ loans, including the real estate financing installment, must not exceed 50% of total monthly income of the customer).
6. The customer (individual/family) is entitled to buy only one unit within the current or previous initiative.
7. The customer age must be within 21 to 60 years old at the end of the financing period (65 years old in case of self-employment).
8. The unit must be registered or recordable in real estate registration mission “to be built on a registered, licensed land without any fines, or in new urban cities/compounds).

The Sharia Board of The United Bank is an independent committee, Members were selected & approved by UB Board of directors, and consists of a group of Islamic Sharia scholars, who have extensive experience and specialize in Feqh, Islamic economics and contemporary banking transactions.

H.E. Sheikh Dr. Ali Goma Chairman of the Sharia Board - The former Grand Mufti of Egypt and a Senior Scholars Council Member.
H.E. Sheikh Dr. Magdy Ashour Vice Chairman of the Sharia Board - The Academic Advisor to the Grand Mufti of Egypt
H.E. Sheikh Dr. Amr Al-Wardani A Sharia Member - The Secretary of the Fatwa Council at the Egyptian Dar Al- Ifta.
MR. Alaa Elsafty A Sharia Member - Head Of Islamic Economic Center
Mr. Hazem Hassan A Banking Member - Head of Islamic Corporate Banking. A Banking Member
Mr. Mohamed Hassan Secretary of the Sharia Board - Research manager of Islamic Economic center

Kindly contact our customer service on 19200

The maximum loan repayment duration is 15 years

maximum financing amount up to 80% of the value of the unit (the installment will not exceed 40% of the net salary" bearing in mind other financial facilities such as loans, Credit Cards,,,etc will be up to 50%

Thimar product provides you with equal payment installments

It varies according to the nature of the company’s activity:

1- Industrial Companies:

Working capital finance: the loan tenor is up to 3 years “monthly installments”.

2-Trading Companies: the loan tenor is up to 2 years “monthly installments”.

Competitive interest rates and according to CBE initiatives.

Yes, according to the study of the submitted documents and the business needs.

The minimum is 250k & the maximum is 3 million according to the study.

  • Valid original national ID.
  • Proof of Income: Last 12 months’ corporate bank account statement
  • taxation card
  • Valid commercial register (maximum 3 months old). 
  • Last 3 years audited financial statements.
  • Company Contract and its amendments (to be reflected in the Commercial Register).
  • additional documentations may be required subject to the bank sole discretion.

All types of facilities:

Direct facilities : Short Term Loans , Medium term Loans , Long term loans.

Indirect facilities : LGs & LCs.

The limits according to the study and the company’s needs

disbursement from the finance via transfers or cheques to suppliers.

United Bank offers a wide range of financing options for small businesses, such as the "Thimar" and "Fast Loan" products, You can obtain loans with favorable terms and flexible repayment periods and other credit facilities such as overdraft , LGs and LCs .

United Bank provides banking services such as business accounts, digital services, money transfers, Tax and Costumes Electronic payments etc..

Yes, outward remittances is available

  •  In cash from United Bank branches
  • Add to the personal account or prepaid card on the United Bank
  • Add to the electronic wallet
  • Adding to the customer’s account on other banks inside Egypt

Please call 19200 inside Egypt

And outside Egypt - 0020233334200 - 0020233334300

Yes, it is available at all branches of the United Bank, 68 branches, and here is the list of the locations of the branches

To view the list of branches , please click here


- Please call United Bank customer support (19200) for assistance

- Here is the list of companies

Our Partners:


·       Al Fardan Exchange

·       City Exchange

·       Al Jazeera Exchange

·       Al Dar Exchange

·       Al Zaman Exchange

·       Gulf Exchange

·       Al Arabia Exchange

·       Al Mirqab Exchange

·       National Exchange

United Arab Emirates

·       Al Ansari Exchange

·       Al Fardan Exchange

·       Lulu International Exchange

·       Instant Cash


·       Wall street Exchange

·       United Gulf Exchange

·       Oman Exchange

·       Al Zamil Exchange


·       Saudi Exchange

·       Al Alawneh Exchange

Saudi Arabia

·       Bank Albilad



·       Ria Financial services - USA

·       MoneyGram – USA

·       Shift Financial services - UK

·       Transfast Remittance LLC - USA

·       Galaxia International services - USA

·       GCC Remit – UK

·       Speed Remit Money Transfer – UK

·       Money Exchange SA – Spain

·       U Remit International Corporation – Canada

·       Dahab Shiil – UAE

UB Diamond Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated on November 02, 2021

Total customer deposit equal to / more than 500,000 LE or it equevlant in EGP In case of payroll customer 's salary equal to or more than 30,000 LE for 3 months Consecutive

In order to subscribe in the Diamond Service, please visit the nearst branch for United Bank

• Special interest on savings account in Egyptian pounds (Conventional / Sharia-compliant)
• Special interest on deposits in Egyptian pounds
• Compatitive and special return on (Diamond)
• free Issuance of credit cards for free & 2 additional credit cards for free
• free Issuance of debit card
• free Issuance of 4 check books denomination of 24 papers
• Exemption from admin fees on loans (personal loans / car loans)
• Provide $5,000 when traveling (according to the terms and conditions of the United Bank)

The interest is calculated on daily basis and paid monthly

• Get a competitive and special return
• 50% discount on safe box
• 50% discount on customs collection fees
• 50% discount on the letters of guarantee and Letter of credits commission

Debit Card limits will be changed upon subscription

Yes, there is priority for the Diamond customer inside the branch, and all the banking transactions will be carried out through the Diamond customer relationship manager in the Diamond loung specially designed for Diamond customers

• The card is accepted all over the world
• avail VIP lounges at selective airports around the world
• Avail special offers locally and internationally for shopping, travel and restaurants.
• Medical and legal advice around the world in addition to travel assistance services.
• Insurance on goods purchased with the Platinum card against loss, theft or damage

Diamond service is avialabe only for Individual Customers