Instant Payment Network

Instant payment network allows its customer to send and receive money instantly and 24/7, which mean that any transfer shall hit the beneficiary account in matter of seconds.

IPN allows its customer to send money through the following channels:

  1. InstaPay App
  2. Internet banking
  3. Mobile banking

IPN allows its customer to send money to any of the following:

  • Bank accounts:
    • Using account number
    • Using Mobile Number (onboarded customers only)
    • Using IPA (instant payment address for onboarded customers only)
  • Digital wallets (using Mobile Number)
  • Meeza Cards (using 16 digits card number)

Available functions when using InstaPay apps:

  1. Registration (IPA and Mobile Number)
  2. Send money
  3. Receive money
    1. Notification
    2. Request to pay
  4. Balance inquiry
  5. Mini statement
  6. Transaction history

What is IPA (instant Payment Address)?

IPA is a unique payment address defined by the consumer for each onboarded account; this simplified address can be used to receive money and could be exchanged between customers instead of the account number.

Key Features of this service through the preferred application:

  • Access to all your accounts at different banks from one mobile application
  • The user’s verification & data is secured by the bank
  • Services available 24/7
  • Instant money transfers to and from accounts using mobile number or payment address created by the user himself (ex: user@app) instead of remembering the account number
  • Instant payments
  • Transfer money to wallets and mezza cards

Onboarding Journey

A Customer start the enrollment process by opening the preferred downloaded application, the application will guide the customer to create the profile as follow:

  • Customer has to choose which SIM card he would like to enroll in case of using a mobile device with multiple SIM cards, upon selecting which SIM card; the application will send an SMS from the selected sim to verify the customer mobile number.
  • The application should display to the Customer all the available banks supporting the service, where the customer could select that Bank that holds their accounts in order to enable this service on their account.
  • Upon selecting the Bank, the Customer will be asked to verify themselves using any card they own inside this selected bank and its pin.
    • For Accounts: Customer should use any debit card he owns.
    • For Meeza Prepaid Card: Customer should use the Meeza Prepaid Card number and PIN
  • Upon successful verification, the Customer will be able to see all their available accounts inside this bank and select the preferred account to enable the service on.
  • The Customer will receive an SMS with a one-time password after selecting the account, to submit on the app alongside with the IPN PIN, which will be used later for performing transactions from this account.

Transfer Journey

The Customer will be able to send money through the sending money option in their preferred application from their enabled accounts, by:

  • Selecting the sending money option from the app
  • Selecting the preferred account to send money from
  • Entering the beneficiary details, whether it’s a Mobile Number, Instant Payment Address, Meeza Card or an Account number.
  • Enter the requested amount and the IPN pin of the chosen sending account.
  • Then Customer will be notified instantly by the transaction status

Transaction History

Customers can always check their transactions history and balance through their apps, they can even have access to a mini-statement.

InstaPay Limits:

Limit per transaction : 70,000 EGP

Limit per day : 120,000 EGP

Limit per month : 400,000 EGP