Master Card Credit Cards

Benefits available on Conventional MasterCard from United bank

UB introduce Conventional MasterCard with three types
Classic, Titanium & platinum

  • Grace period with free Interest- up to 55 days on purchase.
  • Cash withdrawal up to 100% of the credit limit.
  • Competitive monthly interest rate.
  • SMS alerts with every transaction whether withdrawal or purchase.
  • PIN Self Selection (OTAC)
  • Monthly credit card statement.
  • Online Secure Service from UB for online payment.
  • Free monthly SMS before due date.
  • Ability to use your credit card all over the world.
  • Contactless service, you can enjoy use it on daily basis as per the applied criteria.
  • Credit cards buy out service.
  • Cash on call service, enjoy 90% from your credit card available limit and transfer it to your account.
  • Various credit card settlement options.
  • Collect reward points while using the card in purchase transaction.

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Special benefits for conventional Platinum MasterCard from UB

Travel with UB Credit card from MasterCard

  • Unwind before you fly, Access to a huge number of airport lounges in the Middle East and Levant.
  • Travel the world with Clear trip; take special percentage on your travel with Clear trip.
  • Unlock the Journey, Enjoy special discount on your next rental when you book with Avis.
  • Book your personal chauffeur, Enjoy special discounts on Careem rides.
  • Find a key to your city with Priceless Cities, Access handpicked experiences and offers in cities around the world.
  • Find the perfect place to stay while on holiday, Enjoy special discount on your next hotel booking with
  • Reward yourself with the stay you deserve, Enjoy special percentage back on your hotel bookings at
  • Rent the car you need for a perfect trip, Enjoy special discount on your car rental with

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New Life style with UB Platinum MasterCard

  • Get Buy 1 Get 1 offers on leisure, entertainment...etc., by getting access to hundreds of Buy 1 Get 1 offers throughout Middle East and Africa.
  • Ship your online purchases home for less, by Shopping at thousands of U.S. online stores with a Special discount on shipping using My US.
  • Discover the latest designer fashion, Enjoy special discount on luxury clothing online with Far fetch.
  • A world of luxury shopping, Get exclusive offers at some shopping villages in Europe.
  • Priceless offers on dining, spas, activities and more, Get access to offers throughout Egypt with Priceless Specials.
  • Experience online shopping like never before, Receive special percentage as money back on your Jumia Prime membership fee.

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Insurance with UB Platinum MasterCard

  • Shop with confidence, In case of theft or accidental damages of purchases, your card has your back.
  • Protected in case of theft or accidental damage up to 180 days from date of purchase.
  • Covered for up to USD 2,000 per claim and a maximum of USD 5,000 over a 12-month period.
  • In case of damage, you will either get a new item to replace the damaged one or receive compensation for the item's total value, as per the store receipt.

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  • Make sure to read all terms and conditions in contracts / applications before signing.
  • Make sure to read “Know Your Rights” form on our website or at any of our Branches.
  • Make sure that you know interest rates, commissions and expenses before purchasing any service / product. You can follow any changes in Bank’s Tariff through our website or call us on 19200.
  • In case of any complaint related to Bank’s products or services, you can place a complaint through our channels and we will be keen to solve it and remove its causes within a maximum period of 15 working days. You can escalate the complaint to the Central Bank of Egypt if your complaint was not resolved during this period.

Instalment service for the payment of Conventional Credit Card:

This service offers you the repayment of the transaction by Conventional Credit Card (Primary/Supplementary) in instalment inside and outside Egypt

• Competitive Debit Interest Rate for Secured and unsecured Credit Card
• Enjoy full grace period 55 days
• When the customers ask for instalment program, will start pay the fixed instalment according to the instalment program have been selected next month of the transaction
• Avail partial / full settlement of instalment transaction by visiting the nearest branch
• Instalment program start from 3 Months up to 36 Months
• Installment created same month of the transaction
• No maximum for the count of transaction to be repaid in instalment as long as the total instalment amount transaction not exceed 90% of the credit card limit
• Instalment program available for the following types of the transactions :
 Purchase transaction
 Cash on Call service
customers can withdraw cash their credit card within the credit card limit and transfer the money to their United Bank account with no cash advance fees.

Contact us

  • Call Center local calls on 19200 or(+20 2 33334200) or  (+20 2 33334300).from outside Egypt
  • Refer to the nearest branch during working days.

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** Terms and conditions apply.

The United Bank has the right to amend any of the Criteria, Terms, or Conditions without prior notice.