UB Online Banking

Manage your accounts anytime and anywhere that suits you.

Available Services:

Account Services:

  • Inquiry all individual customer accounts (current - savings - investment - loans - certificates - deposits - checks).
  • Inquiry loan amounts, date and value of last paid installment, date and amount of next installment, current loan balance.
  • Inquiry credit card balances for individual customers (Primary and supplementary).
  • Inquiry the card’s status, card’s Expiry date, minimum payment, printing previous months account statements.
  • Inquiry about prepaid cards for individual customers (prepaid - Meeza national card).
  • Inquiry the International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

Transfer and Payment Services:

  • Internal transfer between same customer accounts.
  • Transfer between customer accounts within the bank.
  • Transfer between the accounts of the United Bank customers and other bank customers (Swift – ACH).
  • Transfer to any digital wallet inside Egypt.
  • Credit cards Settlement and prepaid cards reload (for the same customer only).
  • On spot loan payment for all types (for the same customer only).
  • Donations to charitable bodies and societies (only charitable societies and charities are donated to the bank that have open accounts with the bank).
  • Inquiry and pay Bills and charging (Vodafone).
  • Make any National and International transfers by using the International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

Request Services:

  • Cards services (Activation - Deactivate – Report stolen or loss card).
  • Dispute Card Transaction.
  • Card Replacement request (Debit-Credit and Prepaid).
  • Apply for issuing new cards (Debit and Prepaid).
  • Apply for Facilities (New Credit Card –Personal Loan and Mortgage )
  • Apply request to link certificates and deposits with their traditional types that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia.
  • Check book request.
  • Open new Account.
  • Credit score inquiry (I-Score).
  • Manage supplementary credit cards limit.
Kindly note the transfers and bill payment will required (OTP) One Time Password – UB Mobile Token

That Service is available for individual customers

How to register:

  • Visit nearest UB branch and fill in the application form.
  • Received the User Name via email.
  • Password will be sent to you via SMS.

Self-Enrollment Steps:

  • Log in to the United Bank website www.theubeg.com
  • Choose the Internet banking service for individuals
  • Press on New User
  • Choose the language to complete the procedures and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Writing the account number consisting of 6 numbers. The ID card / date of birth / mobile phone number is entered (according to what is already registered on the bank's computer system)
  • Activation code will be sent by SMS to the mobile phone number registered in the database
  • The customer creates a "user name" and then chooses the channels to subscribe to (bank internet - mobile phone - alerts - voice service).
  • The security questions are written and the answer to the question is drawn up. (They are used in the event of a lost password and a new password reset).
  • Password Policy:
  • Consists of at least 8 characters.
  • Contains uppercase and lowercase letters like "ABC" "abc".
  • Contains special characters like @ # $% ^ &.
  • Contains numbers such as 123456789
  • A message will appear to the customer to complete the registration process for the self- registration service as follows :

"You have been successfully subscribed to the Bank net channels, and you will be contacted by the bank to confirm the activation of the service, then you can use the Bank Net channels (internet banking, smart phone application)"

  • After completing the registration process, the customer will be contacted directly by the call center to activate the service.

How to Activate:

  • Please contact the Call Center 19200 to activate the service
  • Login to Internet banking website with received User Name & password
  • Enter the new password with re-entering the new password

UB Mobile Token (OTP):

Add an extra level of security for your transactions with One Time Passcode (OTP) token

You will be able to secure your accounts as the token allows you to perform between account transfers & Outgoing Transfers between Egypt Bank

How to Apply for Mobile Token

  1. Downloading the Application from (Google Play or App Store)
  2. Press on Setting then Select on Device ID
  3. Login through the Internet Banking
  4. Select in Request (Request Token)
  5. Enter the National ID and Device ID
  6. Email will be sent with the activation link
  7. Enter password that consists of 8 digits the ordered including ( number & characters ) 
  8. Login to generate OTP

The maximum limits for transactions through internet/Mobile Banking

Service Name

Daily Limits

The Max number of Daily transactions.

10 Transaction

The Max amount of Daily transactions.

No maximum Limit

Internal transfer (between the same customer accounts)

No maximum Limit

Transfer between customer accounts (within the United Bank).

1,000,000 EGP

Transfer between the accounts of the United Bank customers and other bank customers (Swift – ACH) (Inside Egypt Only).

500,000 EGP

Transfer between the accounts of the United Bank customers and other bank customers (Swift – ACH) (Outside Egypt Only).

500,000 EGP

On the spot -  loan payment for all loan types.

1,000,000 EGP

Credit cards Settlement.

250,000 EGP

Prepaid cards reload

40,000 EGP


50,000 EGP

Pay Bills and Charges (Vodafone)

10,000 EGP


Terms and Conditions applied

You can also speak to any of our friendly Call Center representatives by calling 19200 at any time and they will happy to assist you