Personal Loan

All your dreams are true with UB personal loan:

  • Competitive interest rate.
  • Finance up to 4 Million  EGP.
  • Finance all segments for Self-Employed & Professionals and Salaried Customers.

In case of Salary transfer:

  • Finance up to 4 Million EGP.

  • Installment duration up to 8 years.

In case of non-Salary transfer:

  • Finance up to 3 Million EGP.

  • Installment duration up to 7 years.

Required documents:

Governmental Employees:

  • Monthly or annually Salary transfer letter stamped from governmental institution or Eagle stamp.

Private sector Employees:

  • Certified certificate from employer showing employer/ Date of employment/ Salary pay slip/ contract type.
  • Last three months bank statement or three last income letter.

In Case of self-employed and professionals:

  • Finance up to 3 million EGP..

  • Finance duration up to 7 years.

Required documents:

  • Taxation card showing the client situation.
  • Copy from the professionalization license.
  • Bank statement under the name of the organization or the owner reflecting the last 12 months transaction.
  • External verification for the customer and his business.

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** Terms and conditions applied.

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