UB E-Payroll Services

Salary Transfer System from United Bank

This service provides the opportunity to transfer the salaries of employees of companies and government departments from their accounts to the personal accounts of the employees of the company in the United Bank.

The e-Payroll service is easy to implement. Because it is based on Internet connection. It allows you to use it and carry out the process of raising your salary transfer orders from any place and at any time through the internet service, through debit card or prepaid cards.

 Benefit of the company

1- Ease of implementation and reduce paper transactions.

2. Lack of use of cash.

3. Increase the security and confidentiality of the accounts.

 4 - The possibility of payment of salaries in addition to any additional amounts such as overtime allowance, incentives and bonuses.

 5. Safety The United Bank shall train the employees of the companies or government departments to implement their part to provide this service with the utmost efficiency and ease.

Employee benefit

1-   Open a bank account of its own.

2-   Facilitating access to banking products at the United Bank.

3 - The possibility of contacting the inquiry or request a service call center 19200 round the clock all day of the week

4 - The use of ATMs in all banking transactions 24/7 of currency change and withdrawal and deposit.

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