Electronic Payment Programs

Out of great care and interest in supporting and updating electronic programs for direct benefit to society,
 The United Bank provides electronic payment services to customers and non-customers, for all governmental and non-governmental dues, keeping up with new updates in the field of electronic payment (billing platform - single window - citizen payment – Tax invoices – private and government universities – donations – telecommunications bills) through all branches located in various governorates of Egypt and also provides the same services to corporate customers from their company premises
Through secure payment channels in accordance with the latest international standards, with certified payment receipts & lowest bank fees,
which contributes to avoid the risk of money transfer and laying the foundations for financial inclusion.
All of these services are provided through the authorized collection network within the Arab Republic of Egypt, which operated by e-finance - the agent of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance's for electronic collection.

Advantages of the Electronic payment programs:

  1. Instant Inquiries and payment of all governmental and non-governmental dues to corporate clients from their premises, 24/7
  2. Instant payment through all branches of the United Bank for customers and non-customers, which saves time, effort and expenses
  3. Certified payment receipts
  4. Reduce the risk of transferring money or checks.
  5. The possibility of following up on previous payments and extracting the necessary reports on all transactions
  6. The highest levels of encryption with a guarantee of payment through authorized persons only
  7. The possibility of financing government payments in accordance with the provisions of Sharia on concessional terms

How to subscribe:

First: In the case of payment from the client's premises:

  1. Customer to sign the service subscription request
  2. Fulfilling company’s data
  3. Fulfilling data of the client’s employees who have access rights

Second: Payment through branches (for customers & non-customers)

  1. Go to the nearest branch and complete the electronic payment request according to the type of payment,
  2. In case of the bank's customers, the payment will be debited from customer's account,
  3. In case of non-customers  the amount should be deposited cash.
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