The volunteering work represent 80% of the United Bank Corporate Sustainable Social Development work


Mr Ashraf

Ashraf El Kady

The volunteering work represent 80% of the United Bank Corporate Sustainable Social Development work

The president of The United Bank:

  • The volunteering work is one of the cornerstones of UB corporate values.
  • leadership skills, increase individual’s productivity, and deepening social awareness are among the most important gains of volunteering work.

Cairo: 18th of April 2023

Ashraf Al Kady- Chairman of The United Bank, stated that volunteering work culture application represents 80% of  UB sustainable social development work especially that this volunteering work paves the way to economic and social empowerment for different social segments, especially those marginalized, coming on top women and youth.

In his speech during the documentary film, titled “Open the doors for Good”, made by the volunteers from UB work team out of the 68 branches and headquarters, and transmitted on UB social media channels.

The four- minute film shed the light on the importance of social volunteering work, initiatives, and projects with UB work team participation during 2022, coming on top: the feeding campaigns, rebuilding within the framework of Decent Life program, health convoys to detect chronic diseases in school children and adults, and detect diseases in handicapped in many governorates: South Sinai, Luxor, Cairo, Assiut, El Wadi El Gdeed, and Qaliubia. That is according to Mr. President Abdel Fattah El Sisi approach that year 2022 is the year of Civil Society.

El Kady stated that public volunteering work concept is based on providing services to the community or individuals with no return. That is through the participation in social initiatives, helping others with providing simple services that leave a deep impact on beneficiaries, and help them to make a tangible difference in their lives.

El Kady encouraged UB work team for their participation in volunteering work, which deepens UB’s corporate values, which is based on supporting the volunteers’ efforts, and their contribution in achieving the sustainable development goals. This is to encourage the cultural blend between the banking work and social volunteering developmental work. Which leads to experience variation that maximize the corporate interests in the end.

El Kady highlighted the most important 6 benefits of volunteering work:

  • Enhancing and deepening the social skills and public awareness of the society issues.
  • Discovering and developing leadership skills.
  • Enhancing the volunteer’s self- confidence, and feeling of satisfaction and pleasure.
  • The volunteering work increases the individual’s productivity.
  • The volunteering work is regarded as a means of building, development, and pleasing others.
  • Increasing and enriching the individual’s experience.

El Kady’s speech was followed by a message by Islam Mahmoud-  UB volunteer, the message is directed to the importance of participating in volunteering work and intensifying efforts to accomplish development in the corporate and in Egypt as a whole. At the end of the film, UB poet Emad El Shafea- a volunteer, said a poem, titled “shoulder besides a shoulder.. hand in hand.. building our country.. increasing good”. The poem is dedicated to shed light into the importance of cooperation among the corporate’s work team and the whole society, to achieve progress according the 2030 vision.