The United Bank previews the harvest of its 26 initiatives and eco-friendly green project and their economic, social and developmental impacts


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The United Bank previews the harvest of its 26 initiatives and eco-friendly green project and their economic, social and developmental impacts

Ashraf El Kady- The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

  • The United Bank directed strategy towards maximizing green economic mechanisms.
  • UB participated in 26 initiatives and projects on green practices.
  • 4 green axis for UB strategy applications on economic, social, health and development levels.
  • 4 dimensions for settling green economy practices in Egypt.


Cairo: October, 29th 2023

The United Bank previews the harvest of its participation in 26 initiatives and eco-friendly green project and their economic, social and developmental impacts on 4 main axis:

First: green economy mechanism axis

  • In October 2022- UB announced the issuance of the first report of carbon footprint for the three headquarters. In the framework the Egyptian state and CBE approach towards green economy applications, to accomplish sustainable development according to the Egypt vision 2030, in order to reduce the negative impacts of climate changes.

The report includes a meticulous measurement of UB practices through two phases:

  • The first phase is about the direct emissions- resulted from fuel burn and cooling gas leakage.
  • The second phase is about indirect emissions- resulted from energy purchase, supply chains, water consumption, and waste management.
  • In 2021 UB participated in the initiative of car conversion to operate with natural gas. The United Bank launched financial product to convert cars to operate with natural gas. On the sidelines of the first exhibition of technology for converting and replacing vehicles to work with clean energy “Go Green”, under the patronage of the president of the Republic, and with the coordination of the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and CBE, and a number of relevant ministries. The initiative aims to maximizing the benefits of the economic reform gains to the Egyptian citizen, through:
  • Maximizing the use of natural gas as an alternative for fuel for diesel and gasoline. This would achieve great economic and material savings in the general budget of Egypt. It contributes in directing these savings to support the sectors of health, education and scientific research to advance the system of services provided to the Egyptian citizen and improve his life.
  • Eliminating pollution and harmful environment emissions that affect the health of the citizen and the surrounding environment from the effects of using the fuels.
  • Achieving the maximum benefit of the production capacity of the Egyptian car factories and the related industries. The thing that contributes to production maximizing and increase the local production and raising the employment rates. So, reducing unemployment and increasing exports.


  • Syndication loans

UB participated in a number of syndicated loans for sustainable development. The last one was funded to The Canal Company for Sugar. Which contributes to expanding the agricultural area and doubling up its direct impact on improving the climate. In addition to, settling local industries and increasing productive efficiency. Which will support the integrated development and increasing operation volume.


  • The soon inauguration of UB administrative headquarter in the new capital. The building has a unique design with an area of 30 thousand meters. The unique design of the building was chosen to combine the latest eco- friendly architectural applications. The new headquarter complies with global green standards, more sustainable internally and externally.


  • Banking solutions to expand the financial inclusion base through packages of banking services to encourage non- client to deal with the banking system. UB has issued the financial inclusion account that allows youth aging 16 years old to open accounts. As well as, for those who have economic activities can join formal sector by opening accounts with easy and fast procedures. The UB spreads the financial culture, especially within residential communities in a number of governorates, also among universities students. The thing that achieve the state’s and CBE goals towards expanding the base of financial inclusion, and improving the life style of the citizen, reducing unemployment rates, inflation rates, eliminating internal migration. As well as, developing job opportunities, educational and health services, empowering women and youth. This is through a package of distinctive bank products: micro finance, Ajyal youth prepaid cards, laky woman’s card. Besides, prepaid card, the national network card “Meeza”, and Millionaire certificate that helps the winners to achieve their dreams.


  • Launching the digital services package under the name of “Your Bank Online”. UB aims from launching this distinctive and high quality digital package to let the client enjoys more luxury, and reduce the harmful carbon emissions. The service provides the client with all banking transactions just from where s/he is, in order to save her/ his time and effort. The digital services package works around the clock, 24/7, with the highest efficiency and latest international technology: internet banking (for individuals and corporates), Mobile banking, digital UB wallet. As well as, virtual ATMs services, which provides many developed solutions, like: I score inquiry, currency exchange, withdrawal and deposit, bills payment, donation, cash transfer services with or without the use of a card.


Second: The Green Social axis

  • The United Bank contribution to support Sharm El Sheikh conversion into “Green City”. In 2022, UB financially supports the march of qualifying Sharm El Shiekh to be an eco- friendly green city. In preparation for hosting COP 27, that happened in cooperation with Gernral Khaled Foda- Governor of South Sinai. Sharm El Sheikh has witnessed the launch of many green eco- friendly practices, like: campaign to reduce the plastic bags consumption, a campaign to clean land and sea from plastic. As these steps are the most important to reduce climate change negative impacts on the biological diversity in the Red Sea. Besides, the launch of a campaign that calls to converting the city transportations into green sustainable transports, and also smart waste management.
  • Empowering people of Saint Catherine to operate 350 families. In cooperation with General Khaled Foda, and General Talaat El Anany- head of the local council in Saint Catherine, UB launched “TAGALY” project to empower the people of Saint Catherine and the region of Tagaly mountain. The project provided job opportunities for 350 families, to empower them economically through boosting entrepreneurships and improving the competitive and productive abilities of their projects, whether agricultural or handicrafts or food- related products, like: mountain honey extracting, olive oil extracting, natural herbs and almond cultivation, soap industry, and Sinai distinctive handicrafts.
  • Developing Nagaa El Gosoor village- Luxor Governorate. The village comes under the framework of the presidential initiative Decent Life. UB had previously contributed in developing “Khorshid” village Ahansia center, Bnay Sweif government.
  • UB Laky forum launches the latest initiative to keep environmental balance. where UB Laky members alongside with Baheya Foundation Fighters launched UB summer campaign “Your Green Summer” 2023 to activate the best environmental practices preserving maritime life. The campaign includes a range of messages and awareness videos about how to keep the balance between human and the surrounding environment. Some activities were done such as cleaning the beach of plastic waste. As well as, a number of green practices to keep beaches clean and eliminate negative impacts of climate change, and avoid its biological impact on both human and maritime life. These practices are group of simple instructions to reduce the usage of plastic bags and exchange plastic products with rapidly degrading substances and recyclable bottles.
  • Education
    UB participated in “Light House” fund for educational purposes, as well as, supporting the distinguished athletes’ fund. UB continues to hold the Holy Quran annual competition in more than 17 governorates. The competition targets youth until 18 years old, it urges them to recite Holy Quran and keep the balanced rituals as per El Azhar, which contributes to develop their mental and scientific skills. UB has developed the competition along the last years through directing the support to those reciters to help them keep going with their practical and scientific approaches to serve Egypt’s development goals.

Third: Human Health axis

  • Virus “C” elimination initiative: UB spared no effort to support the health system and the Egyptian state, to eliminate the endemic of virus “C”. UB was the first financial institution to announce it is free of virus “C”.
  • Purchasing Corona vaccine initiative:UB participates with The Federation of Egyptian Banks to purchase Corona vaccine with an amount of 15 million L.E in 2021.

  • 100 Million Health initiative to examine and treat diseases. UB participated in the initiative within its 68 branches, whereas the teamwork, their families, the outsource employees and a number of clients in a number of branches and sectors have been examined.
  • The blindness Causes and Anemia initiative:UB, in cooperation with “Sonaa El Kheir” foundation, and the Ministry of Education have examined the children in schools in a campaign named “Our children in Our eyes”.

  • Woman’s health initiative:UB cooperated with Baheya foundation raised awareness about breast cancers and examined a number of women.

  • Eliminating waiting lists initiatives:UB participated with Tahya Misr Fund to eliminate waiting lists in the governmental hospitals.

 Fourth: Human Resources Development

UB pays a great attention to the investment in youth, as they are the future leadership. UB’s strategy is based on the importance of qualifying them scientifically and practically to ensure the sustainability of the integrated development plans in Egypt.

  • UB provided support to a number of initiatives and youth activities, such as: World Youth Forum, with its four editions.
  • UB provides all kinds of technical and financial support to Nile Pioneers initiative, since its launch in 2018, UB has opened three entrepreneurships centers in Delta, Upper Egypt, and Cairo.
  • UB sponsored Cairo University team from Engineering Faculty in the competition to design an eco- friendly car. The team won in Shell Eco 2019 competition.
  • UB sponsored Cairo University team from Engineering Faculty, who participated in Paris Design Week 2022, to design furniture out of construction waste.
  • UB sponsored Cairo University team from Engineering Faculty students, until winning the 1st and 2nd places in the international competition for innovative urban agriculture held in Italy in 2020 and 2021.
  • On the internal level, UB invests in developing its human resources and qualifying them to future leadership through the High Fliers program, to start the practical participation in framing the strategies and executive plans and practicing the real managing rules in UB.

Commenting on UB green and eco- friendly practices harvest, Ashraf El Kady- CEO and Managing Director said that UB’s strategy is directed towards more eco- friendly practices and maximizing green economy tools. The thing that needs settling green economy on four dimensions:

  • Compliance with sustainable practices to save the environment and eliminate negative climate change impacts.
  • Innovation for financial solutions and banking products that cope with green banking strategy. Such as: green deposits, ecofriendly finance, green credit cards, green savings and check accounts. The thing that allows corporates and institutions to invest money in sustainable projects.
  • Support in achieving the principles of equity and equality. Such as: the right to work equally among men and women.
  • Environmental awareness boost, through different media channels to spread the green banking culture tools.

El Kady stated that banks have a main role to empower economic institutions and maximize their role in green growth boost. That will happen through opening new horizons for businesspersons and help them to apply green economy mechanism with full attention paid to the environment, climate change, and real assessment to the project from both economic, social and environmental dimensions.

The economic dimension is represented in pushing investments in the field of innovation for banking solutions and green financial products, and setting mechanisms to expand their work by banking or non-banking mechanisms, especially in the field of digital technology. The thing that will contribute in reducing the need to new bank branches that cost fortunes. Moreover, focusing on improving customer service, that contributes in increasing banks’ profits and maximize the bank’s market shares.

The social dimension where banks can support green banking projects to double up development rates and serve the citizen in the first place through financing sustainable projects.

The environmental dimension contributes to activating green banking in the process of reducing carbon emissions.

Moreover, spreading the culture of rationalization in many aspects of banking work. Such as: reducing paper transactions, availability of customer services through digital channels instead of going to branches. The thing that save time and effort and the fuel used to get there. As well as, bills payment with digital solutions instead of traditional ways.

Many world alliances have been established such as: the Global Alliance for Banking on Values that acknowledges the values of sustainable “green banking” that focus on developing societies and transparent governance.