The United Bank launches the second edition of #UB_extended_family and organizes the largest interactive and virtual “Iftar” attended by 1740 employees in 18 governorates


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The United Bank launches the second edition of #UB_extended_family and organizes the largest interactive and virtual “Iftar” attended by 1740 employees in 18 governorates

Cairo: 5th of April, 2023

The United Bank celebrated yesterday the launch of the second edition of #the_extended_family Iftar, the first and largest interactive and virtual Iftar. Attended by 1740 of its work team in 18 governorates.

UB team from 68 branches and three headquarters participated in a gathering extended Iftar. That was transmitted live through the video conference technology. Whereas the 18 governorates were divided into three major locations: Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh, Delta and Mansoura, and Upper Egypt: El Menia, Assiut, and Sohag. In addition to the focal site of Cairo and Giza all in one interactively communicate circuit regardless of the distances and geographic locations.

In his welcoming speech, Ashraf El Kady- president of The United Bank, pointed out that he appreciates UB team’s devotion, commitment, and their faith in the importance of continual development and improvement to achieve a well-recognized market share.

He pointed out that UB achieved a distinctive growth in its banking portfolio on all levels: either individual or corporates, co- funding for large national projects, funding big corporates and SMEs. In addition to the launching many banking and digital services, that meet the contemporary and future needs of UB clients.

El Kady stated that UB strategy is built on achieving continuous development and improvement to team work. Through enhancing their innovative and creative abilities, as one of the essential elements to accomplish the corporate development.  This reflects on products and services development provided to the clients in general. As well as, improving the corporate’s abilities to compete in the market, and adaptability with international and local economic changes.

UB deepen its team work culture as one of the most important keys to success, under the slogan of UB internal communications “One team towards a promising future”, which positively contributes to enhancing feelings of loyalty and belonging to the institution. It also contributes to raising productivity and ensuring the completion of tasks while providing exceptional and distinctive opportunities for learning and development.

El Kady praised what have been accomplished through the last years of big achievements credited to this successful work team in all banking and technical fields. Encouraging them to spare no effort and prepare themselves for more success, achievements and leaps in the upcoming period, especially in FinTech.

El Kady declared that the modern technology contributed in approximating distances and making people communicate easier and simpler than ever. He assured the importance of effective communications especially between the team work, positively reflected in skill acquisition, self- confidence, target achieving and profit maximizing.

Farag Abdel Hamid- Vice Chairman of The United Bank, stated that UB has invested in the technology infra structure, to provide its clients with a package of high- quality digital products that work effectively to meet the contemporary needs of the clients from digital services. And an ongoing and continual process of development to keep these services and solutions up with the latest international quality and banking standards. He assured the distinctive role exerted by UB team to raise the awareness of the clients about the importance of Fin Tech solutions.

Nevine Kashmiry- Deputy Managing Director of business sectors The United Bank, stated that UB works according to a national agenda, this agenda’s first goal is to maximize the growth return to achieve integrated development. She pointed out to the distinctive in outreaching a reliable and solid communication with all clients all over Egypt. Keeping up with the present and future challenges facing the digital banking and banking solutions. From here, the distinctive banking products engineering either traditional or sharia compliant products are provided around the clock safely and with great quality.

Moataz El Qasaby- Deputy Managing Director The United Bank, stated that the human calibers are the first economic fortune in any society, and the cornerstone of any progress either economic, or social, or cultural. That’s why UB is committed to develop its human resources.