The United Bank is to demonstrate its professionalism in applying the electronic litigation system with 13 privilege


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The United Bank is to demonstrate its professionalism in applying the electronic litigation system with 13 privilege

Cairo: 9th of November 2023

The United Bank participated this week in “legal and economic challenges and horizons for artificial intelligence” conference organized by law faculty- Ain Shams University.   The conference was held under the auspices of His Excellency Minister of Justice Omar Marwan, along with Dr. Mohamed Ayman Ashour- Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Mohamed Dyaa Zain Eladbeen- President of Ain Shams University, Dr. Mohamed Safy- Dean of Law Faculty. With the presence of Dr. Yassin El Shazly- Eice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, additional to a constellation of Law professors, chancellors, and judicial officers.

The conference handled in its sessions many important aspects: artificial intelligence contracts, and innovation protection- Ai and human rights- AI from a criminal law perspective- AI and international humanitarian law- economic dimensions of AI- AI and legal jobs in the future.

Mohamed Mamdouh- Senior Lawyer, The United Bank and in charge of the electronic litigation EL unit, demonstrated in the session titled “Economic dimensions of artificial intelligence” the trial of applying the EL system in UB, that started in 2022.

UB is regarded as the first entity in the Egyptian banking system to apply the EL system. Coping with the huge development in technology and using the tools of artificial intelligence to manage remotely all litigation procedures inside the legal sector in the UB.

Mamdouh stated that applying the electronic litigation starts with filing a law case and, paying fees through credit cards, to remotely attending court sessions, receiving all resolutions and court delays on e-mails, until obtaining the verdicts in those cases, without the need to go to the economic court headquarter.

Thus, UB is a pioneer not just in applying the system of electronic litigation with its ideal form, but also by reaching out to activate fully the system for all litigation procedures 100% for all cases brought from UB to the economic court.

He highlighted 13 privilege for the electronic litigation:

  • Simplifying and improving the quality of litigation procedures.
  • Saving effort, time and cost for all parties of the proceedings.
  • Improving the operational efficiency of judicial institutions.
  • Relieving congestion and crowdedness in courtrooms.
  • Easiness of keeping court files by using electronic documents and reducing the chances of losing documents.
  • Re-using the storage places of files and paper.
  • Easiness and speed of moving files among courts regionally, qualitatively, or from and to the legal assistants like experts and forensic medicine,, etc
  • Facilitating the inventories and cases classification, cataloging and archiving the verdicts and documents.
  • Alleviating the burdens on the lawyers and facilitating their work considering acquainting all the case files and documents from the court website anytime anywhere.
  • Achieving the flexibility of lawyer’s presence in sessions and instead, they can use the conference video technique (remote litigation) without the need to go to the court.
  • Facilitating the search, and check of all the case documents and get what is deleted back easily anytime.
  • Settling down transparency and reducing chances of corruption through not dealing directly among the litigation parties.
  • Avoiding flaws and unclear handwriting of writers and secretaries.