The United Bank grants 186 distinguished team “UB Chairman Award 2022” – third edition


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The United Bank grants 186 distinguished team “UB Chairman Award 2022” – third edition

Ashraf El Kady- Chairman of The United Bank

  • The UB Chairman Award has become an annual marathon.
  • The UB Chairman Award has four categories.
  • Rewarding the distinguished efficiencies enriches the institution work environment, and motivates the work team to do their best.


Cairo: 10th of April, 2023

For the third year in row, The United Bank grants 186 distinguished team, “UB Chairman Award 2022” – third edition aiming to encourage its team for exerting maximum performance, development and innovation in the banking field, finance, administration field and technical work as per the latest banking practices application and international FinTech.

UB Chairman Award aims to apply many values : consolidating the principles and values of excellency, banking services quality, governance, digital technology applications, meeting the clients’ requirements as per the international standards, deepening the corporate’s values, and enhancing the social volunteering culture.

UB Chairman Award is divided into 4 categories:

  • The first category is directed to award distinguished individual performance all among the network of 68 branches, and different sectors.
  • The second category comprises the collective banking and digital projects.
  • The third category is awarding the innovative solutions and ideas that contribute to improving the banking services quality provided to clients.
  • The Fourth category is to contribute social and cultural projects aims to deepening the corporate’s values, and enhancing the volunteering culture among UB team.

A range of practical and personal assessments in professional performance field, modern banking sciences, and digital applications have been undergone, that assessments have shown that 186 of those distinguished are enjoying innovation, excellence, and great ability to apply the highest international banking quality standards.

The UB Chairman Award for excellence is based on three fundamental axes:

The first axis: achieving UB strategy and vision that is based on innovation and encouraging the innovators as the cornerstone to growth sustainability.

The second axis: encouraging UB team with excellent performance. In addition, to work on attracting different segments to accomplish the Egyptian state vision, and The Central Bank of Egypt in transforming into a non-monetary society, and expanding the financial inclusion base.

The third axis: encouraging the collective projects and innovative ideas that aiming to develop products and services. The thing that urge team work for excellency, client satisfaction, and maximizing results.

Commenting on this event, Ashraf El Kady- Chairman of The United Bank, expressed his pleasure about this annual marathon in its third edition, that witness innovative, and administrative movement inside UB. The award expresses appreciation for the human efficiencies. The thing that encourages those enjoying innovative thinking to move forward for more innovation in the field of digital banking work.

El Kady stated that UB Chairman’s Award shed the light upon the successful and administrative corporate experiences, aiming to rewarding the efficiencies, the thing that creates a positive leadership thinking in different sectors. Which contribute to building UB excellency.

He assured on the importance of supporting the process of intensive qualifying, either banking or technical qualification, for these efficiencies, through training schemes, presented by expertise in many banking and digital fields. The thing that enhance the vision of the corporate and organizational work, encourage participant’s innovative attitude, and develop their knowledge, and skills.