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The United Bank discusses with Sudanese Investors ways to boost commercial exchange and increase investments in Egypt


• Promising opportunities to increase Sudanese investments in Egypt. • 97 million dollar is Sudanese’s investments in Egypt by 2020. • Attractive investing climate in Egypt with the state’s application tp economic diversification policy. • Sudan is Egypt’s gate to the African continent. • UB provides a full package of banking solutions and digital services to increase the volume of commercial exchange. • A set of technical and banking consultations to double up the Sudanese investments in 68 UB branches. • Egypt and Sudan got historic, economic, cultural linkages. • Activating the four freedoms agreement along with COMESA and free trade will double up the commercial exchange.

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The Egyptian Stock Exchange grants The United Bank the trading mechanism on the government debt instruments “custodian” code number 3533


• Increase in foreign and local investments in the treasury bills and bonds is a creditworthiness certificate to the Egyptian’s economy growth ability. • The Egyptian market of treasury bills and bonds is an attractive climate for local and foreign investments. • Government bills and bonds are the most important low- risk trading market tools. • The United Bank provides a full bouquet of banking and non- banking services that meet customers’ needs. • UB custodian service is considered low- risk investment tools.

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On the occasion of celebrating 5 international environmental events during September The United Bank - Laky forum - along with Baheya foundation participate in “Green Summer” campaign towards better environmental practices


Coinciding with the beginning of September, which witnesses celebrating 5 international events initiated by The United Nations, aiming to preserve environment. The United Bank launched “Green Summer” campaign towards better environmental practices to preserve beaches, marine life and safety of life on Earth.

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The United Bank is to announce launching submitting applications for textile and ready-to-wear industries qualifying program


Ashraf El Kady- The Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director • Egypt is amongst the largest exporting countries in textile and ready-to-wear worldwide. • The Egyptian state is devoted to the settling industry file. • The textile and ready-to-wear Egyptian industry is complementary with international competitive advantages. • Targeting the maximization of textile industry contribution to the Egyptian exports and national product. • 4 main industries for The United Bank value chain program. • UB has 3 Nile Pioneer centers to encourage and qualify SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurships. • 4 prerequisites to join UB/ Nile Pioneers value chain program.

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Web News 2772023

The United Bank and El Orman Foundation is to sign a cooperative protocol under the name “A good message” to support Shefaa El Orman Hospital in Upper Egypt


The United Bank and El Orman foundation sign today a cooperative protocol to provide financial support for Shefaa El Orman Hospital - the first hospital in Upper Egypt for curing cancer.

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