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The United Bank digital Solutions are created by Egyptian youth.


Ashraf El Kady, President of The United Bank *6 local and international indicators to support the digital transformation process in the society.

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The United Bank commenting on financing The Canal Company for sugar


In a direct comment from The United Bank on its participation in a banking alliance headed by The National Bank of Egypt along with 9 banks granting 12.5 billion Egyptian pounds, to The Canal Company for Sugar.

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Mr Ashraf

For the second year in row


For the second year in row The United Bank supports The Arts Academy for Applied Technology’s students   towards economic and social empowering Ashraf El kady - President of The United Bank: The United Bank sustainable partnerships with educational institutions to empower youth and achieve technical and artistic qualification. The national educational initiative aims to building personality and the modern Egyptian identity. The technical education…. Egypt’s future Egypt jumps up 68 place in the technical and skilled education according to the international standards for vocational education. Investing one dollar in education = 4 dollars revenues in the national economy Dr. Ghada Gabara –President of the Art Academy The Art Academy for applied technology is the first academy in the Middle East and Africa for the Egyptian innovators towards skilled and artistic professions educations. The Academy is an educational revolution to bring back the leading rule of Egyptians artistic and skilled professions at stake. The good educations mean enriching cultural capability development and acquiring cognitive skills and experiences. The Academy benefits the labor market and keeping up with the economical changed in accordance to international quality standards. Concessional admission terms after the preparatory stage.

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For the third Year in row


“UB Got Talent” team is to perform its annual show to enhance the cultural and institutional identity

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