The United Bank is to introduce 7 competitive features to the luxurious mortgage programs


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The United Bank is to introduce 7 competitive features to the luxurious mortgage programs

Cairo: 2nd of April, 2023

On the margins of the second tour of The United Bank unit #ask_your_bank_consultant, in order to spread financial culture and expanding the beneficiaries of digital services and banking solutions, especially the luxurious mortgage programs, in one of El Sheikh Zayed compounds. Ashraf El Kady- The United Bank chairman announced 7 competitive features for UB luxurious mortgage programs.

The first advantage:

UB luxurious mortgage programs offer its clients and non- clients, exclusive opportunities to fund housing, coastal regions, and administrative units, in addition to commercial stores, that finance periods are up to 15 years.

The second advantage:

Mortgage programs enable the clients who work in administrative entities, private sector, free lancing, and entrepreneurs to finance opportunities up to 80% of the price of the unit. As per the terms and conditions by The Central Bank of Egypt, whereby the installment amount doesn’t exceed 40% of the client’s net income.

The third advantage:

The luxurious mortgage programs introduced by UB enable Egyptian clients working overseas to enjoy those finance programs whether fund housing, coastal regions, and administrative units, anywhere inside the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The fourth advantage:

UB luxurious mortgage programs provide the clients with the availability to pay the installments through UB digital channels (Internet Banking, UB digital wallet, and Mobile Banking), with the utmost quality as per the international standards, the thing that save effort and time. As well as, more than 225 ATMs all around the Republic.

The fifth advantage:

UB provides an innovative kind of green mortgage programs. That is through providing the client with the “first” personal loan and classy mortgage program. This kind of green finance is directed to convert the houses into operating with solar energy. In order to increase the client’s awareness, and supporting the Egyptian state strategies to conversion into green and eco- friendly practices on all levels. The thing that is reflected on decreasing the harmful carbon emissions and to reserve our health and environment.

The sixth advantage:

Those mortgage programs provided by UB is available in 68 branches, with the simplest and easiest procedures. As well as, through presenting finance forms vis the UB website on internet.

The seventh advantage:

The mortgage program client can enjoy the wide package of UB products, whether the traditional solutions or that compliant with sharia provisions solutions. Coming on top, the Millionaire certificate that enable the client of enjoying 32 withdrawals around the year, with total of 4 million pounds every year. As well as, Rakhaa credit card- the first credit card compliant with sharia provisions in the market. In addition, UB provides the clients with a package of distinctive financing programs to SMEs. As well as, financing the start-ups in the framework of Nile Preneurs affiliated to CBE, and a package of certificates of savings and deposits with special returns.

It’s worth mentioning that UB is the seventh largest finance provider to mortgage to the low- income and medium income. With a finance portfolio serving more than 12 thousand clients as per the exceptional CBE initiatives.