Rakhaa credit card 10 advantages


Web News 182022 B

10 advantages made Rakhaa credit card, the most requested compliant with sharia provisions from The United Bank

Cairo 1st of August, 2022

The United Bank mentioned the 10 reasons why Rakhaa credit card is the most requested in the market. Compliant with sharia provisions during its summer campaign in Alameen city.

  • An exceptional credit limit: a limit that is to be agreed in advance between UB and its client. This limit is either set as per to a material guarantee, such as: deposits, certificates, or cash deposits. Or, without a guarantee but is conditioned by having the card holder a tontine system.
  • “Murabaha- purchase transactions” agreement: UB within Rakhaa cards program plays the role of Murabaha mediator. To allow Rakhaa card holders to conduct all kinds of purchase or cash withdrawal in accordance to the agency “to the necessary limits”. Purchased items should be legal and legitimate.
  • The longest Grace period with free Interest- up to 58 days on withdrawal and purchase transactions.
  • Contactless service: The client can enjoy it in purchase transactions on a daily basis as per the applied criteria, as well as, enjoy shopping with UB safe internet service, through One Time Password OTP, to guarantee more safety when using UB cards on internet.
  • Limitless number of purchase and withdrawal transactions.
  • Collect reward points: The client receives points while using UB cards in purchase either from the seller or in online payment locally and internationally.
  • Enjoy payment in installments: Rakhaa credit card compliant with sharia provisions is the only card that enables the client to pay 20 months equal installments according to Murabaha. UB also takes consideration of the competitive aspects when calculating Murabaha cards returns.
  • The early reward: In case Rakhaa card holder paid the due amount within the grace period, that will enjoy the early reward for early payment.
  • Locally and internationally valid: Rakhaa card compliant with sharia provisions is valid in all shopping centers and stores all around the world. Except for the stores selling any non- compliant with sharia items or services.
  • Rakhaa Cash on Call: This service allows the client to transfer 90% of Rakhaa credit card available balance into the client’s account, classic or gold card. This service is available upon the client’s request, either by visiting the branch or calling the UB hotline 19200. The call center will take over making sure of the client’s information, then the transfer will be done directly to the client’s account, to enjoy a service or make a purchase. And S/he is trusted in accordance with the provisions.

The United Bank Rakhaa credit card compliant with sharia provisions is classified into two kinds, Rakhaa classic card and Rakhaa gold card. It is issued easily from any of UB 68 branches, or by sending an issuance request via the ubeg.com.