The United Bank is to announce 18 investment and development initiatives to promote the educational system


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On the sidelines of the third annual summit for investment in education

The United Bank is to announce 18 initiatives to maximize educational system competitiveness


Cairo: 9th of July 2024

On the sidelines of the third summit for investment in education, The United Bank announces eighteen investments and developmental initiatives to maximize the competitiveness of the educational system. As well as, vocational education.


1-    UB has joined the Egyptian alliance in establishing Light House platform for educational consultancies. Light House platform enjoys promising opportunities, through investing in Egyptian cadres who are capable of establishing effective projects in education. The alliance strategy is to invest in education directed to the middle class, and expand in governmental, using the assets of the state via Light House platform, by establishing new schools and purchasing already established schools in order to improve them and maximize their value.


2-     Launching educational finance solutions Easy Learn for individuals and institutions with conventional finance methods and with those compatible with sharia provisions:

 UB provides distinctive, smart and flexible finance solutions for both the Egyptian families and educational institutions. That was through a formal fatwa from UB legislative authority. With the simplest procedures through 68 UB branches. As well as, the five digital centers, that are distributed attentively to serve clients in Giza, sixth of October, El Shiekh Zayed, Gamasa industrial zone in El Dakhahlya governorate, New Cairo and Mokattem.


3-    Investing in sixth of October University: one of the private educational institution, through UB ownership in Suez Canal Company for technology settlement. The university includes 14 faculties: medicine, media, engineering, business administration, and information technology. It provides educational services for more than 25 thousands of students in two headquarters: the first is in the 6th of October city and the second one is located in Sheraton in Heliopolis zone. In addition to a hospital in 6th of October city.


4-    Middle and Small enterprises financing products meant for educational institutions. Kashmiry mentioned that the educational process needs an intellectual and executive revolution. Therefore, there must be a strong partnership among the private sector, financial institutions, and the state to support development plans. Moreover, improve the quality and level up the efficiency of educational services offered, either through expansions with buildings or through technical applications and equipment. She added that UB provides financing services for educational institutions in order to finance equipment purchasing processes, either audio or visual. This product also applies to finance school transportation. Therefore, we can guarantee a better future for our children.


5-      Deepening e- learning system, with the cooperation of the Egyptian Banking Institute and large local and international institutions aiming in order to improve and enhance the human cadres. The e- learning was the channel to proceed in education, and many criteria were set to guarantee the best applicable practices. The thing that contributed in:

  Decreasing the cost of travelling and commuting to get a training course.

  Developing the traditional kind of training courses to be something like discussion panels, and work sessions through PCs, cell phones, video conference.

  Taking care of the trainee comfort and providing them with the ability to get the training material via their own PCs.

  E- Learning is flexible in terms of time and place. Moreover, it provides more freedom for different age segments in order to continue self-training and learning.

  The ability to get specialized training courses by the best well- known trainers according to international standards.

  Decreasing time assigned to move into and out from the training course place. Therefore, increasing the volume of information the trainee gets.


6-     Innovation in digital financial solutions:

Through the package of “Your Bank Online” which works 24/7 to provide the parents and students banking solutions that help them saving time and energy to fulfill their commitment towards the educational institution.


7-    Developing schools program affiliated to The Federation of Egyptian banks: UB participated among a constellation of banks in developing in a number of schools among the country beginning with Helwan.


8-    UB invests in human resources and qualifying them to future leadership. That is one of UB major challenges is to qualify fresh and middle management workforce with innovative ideas, administration and applications opening the gate for emergency of young qualified leadership. High Fliers are future leaders who have successfully accomplished all internal training courses and external in the Egyptian Banking Institute. In order to start the practical participation of setting strategies and executive UB transformation plans.



9-    Support obligatory school students in South Sinai governorate

UB has played a vital developmental role in overcoming the problem of students’ early leaving schools in South Sinai. UB provided support to a number of 356 students in obligatory education. In addition, encourage them to proceed with their educational journey especially those with distinctive performance.


10-     The architecture engineering students- Cairo University.

UB, for three years in row, has provided support to a number of Egyptian researchers to participate in international events. That is in the framework of The Egyptian state vision of sustainable development 2030. A number of 26 students and graduates of architecture engineering- Cairo University have won the second and third rewards in international competitions. The competitions were in Portugal and Italy; they were about designing houses with sustainable standards to residents of slums.


11-     Providing 19 scholarship for Zewail University for Sciences and Technology UB has granted 12 scholarships in Zewail University for Sciences and Technology for eligible students. As per the framework of supporting and developing the scientific research system, and working on empowering Egyptian students and developing their innovative abilities and accomplish advancement in scientific research system.


12-     Supporting Engineering faculty students- Cairo University. UB provided support to the Engineering team in Cairo University. The support was to sponsor their innovative project of an energy- saving racecar. The project has won in “Shell eco- Marathon” competition in Italy.


13-     Launching the initiative of “Our Children in Our Eyes” under the auspices of The Minister of Education and with the collaboration of “Good Makers” institution aiming to eliminate blindness causes with the collaboration of “Good Makers” institution and under the auspices of the Minister of Education and Technical Education. This initiative aims to raise the general awareness and shedding the light on these children and improve their lives, in a way that afford them a “decent life” and better future.


The causes of Blindness is a real threat to the upcoming generation, who is supposed to make a better future to our nation. Blindness would hinder them from making outstanding academic achievements. Therefore, limiting their opportunities to make progress among their life. The medical team has examined schoolchildren in four governorates: South Sinai, Halayeb we Shalateen, El Fayoum, and Luxor. They also provided the children with the necessary medical service on three main axes: fighting causes of blindness, fighting anemia, and diabetes.

14-     Providing support to The Arts Academy for Applied Technology - the first school in the Middle East and Africa that graduates trained technical work force, specialized in executing live shows. In all artistic specialization performances, shows, the heritage professions in cultural industries, such as: film making, theatre, video, ballet and the musical performances, folklore, child arts… etc.


15-   “UB Transformers” Summer Internship program to provide professional training for university students with priority to Economics and Political Sciences, Commerce, and Information Technology faculties.


16-     Supporting Asdaa community team in LEGO international competition for robots. The three handicapped teams have won in the international competition. Asdaa presented three different projects:

 The first: changing the magnetic field of earth with an area far from wind turbines. Therefore, changing the places with high temperature and sunlight, by using concave mirrors to collect sun light and risen the temperature in places far from wind turbines. The thing that makes birds continue with their journey without being hit by turbines. In addition, providing those birds with feeding resources far from wind turbines and near heat and sunlight. Which let wind turbines produce electricity without stop.

 The second project: building a whole robot unit, that walks through the solar cells of the station. The robot is sensitive to cells covered with dust. It cleans those cells automatically. As well as, it senses broken and burnt cells, and then exchange them with good cells. Moreover, sensors are used to measure the electricity passing through cables. And once the electricity is off, the sensors detect the spot of blackout, then report the maintenance team of that spot to get it fixed. Therefore, solar stations can work with full power.

  The third project: was about the solar energy. This project provides a solution to the poor efficiency of the solar cells, and the amount of electricity produced while the solar panels are covered with dust, or broken or burnt.


17-   Sponsoring the annual competition of Holy Quran recite. UB dedication to organize the annual competition of Quran recite, and sponsor Quran reciters.  This takes place within the framework of an integrated annual program to support those reciters on social and scientific levels. This aims to provide the community with an integrated model of educated religious man who knows the provisions of sharia.


18-   Participation in Decent Life initiative: aiming to develop Egyptian rural in Nag El Gosour village and Nag Sayedna village in Luxor governarte. Whereas the initiative targets empowering the village residents economically, socially and educationally. They are estimated to be around 19 thousands people.