The United Bank is to announce accomplishing 19 initiative to empower the Egyptian woman socially, economically, and on health levels for more than 31 thousands women


Ashraf El Kady


On celebrating Women’s International Day 

The United Bank is to announce accomplishing 19 initiative to empower the Egyptian woman socially, economically, and on health levels for more than 31 thousands women

Ashraf El Kady- Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, The United Bank

Empowering women and supporting her societal role is among the four strategic axis of UB.

Developmental and economic reflections to empower the Egyptian woman as per United Nations principles.

The Egyptian woman is a primary partner in the sustainability of economic growth.

Women represent 30% of UB team.

Women representation in leadership positions contribute to better economic and social results in corporates.

Technical and banking solutions for developing the women’s role in SMEs.

Laky forum consolidates the Egyptian identity and deepens the societal culture.


Cairo: 7th of March 2024

On celebrating Women’s International Day, Ashraf El Kady- Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, The United Bank, announced accomplishing 19 initiative to empower more than 31 thousands Egyptian women on an economic, social, health, and cultural levels. That was in the light of UB strategy towards empowering women social and economic in different Egyptian governorates especially in the Golden Triangle governorates.

He stated that UB strategy to empower Egyptian women is based on 4 fundamental axis:

1- Enhancing the corporate women leadership culture and the effective inspiring role of women to maximize productivity and supporting the innovative creativity. 

2- Launching and executing many sustainable development initiatives and programs to train and qualify women for labor market and productivity.

3- Encouraging women efficiencies to make effective communication. Moreover, establishing the policy of linking the academic and technical learning outcomes with the requirements of labor work.

4- Empowering women socially and economically through developing their productive skills, maximizing finance opportunities, technical consultations and services provided by UB.

El Kady pointed out to the concerted efforts exerted by UB to empower women, which resulted in executing 19 initiative more than 31 thousand women got benefit out of these initiatives:

First: economic empowerment initiative

UB provides a package of innovative solutions to upgrade SMEs. Including finance solutions as per The Central Bank of Egypt’s initiative conditions. As well as, the digital services finance solutions, such as Microfinance through the digital wallet and through which it can be repaid. In order to empower women economically and eliminate many social problems such as the unemployment, crime, corruption… etc. In addition to, its vital role in merging the parallel economy with the formal one, improve the life conditions of the citizen, and achieve the financial inclusion. The results of UB exerted efforts: 

1- Funding 288 Small, Medium and micro finance enterprises all over the republic, with 11% of its finance portfolio directed to SMEs in UB.

2- Providing a package of technical and banking consultations to support entrepreneurs and start- ups for about 37% from enterprises in the framework of Nile Pioneers initiative affiliated to CBE. That is through three Nile Pioneers centers in UB Cairo, Dakhalyia, and El Menya governorates.

3- Empowering women in Nag El Gosour village as per decent life initiative to develop the Egyptian countryside in Luxor governorate.

4- Launching Laky package for investment and banking solutions for Egyptian women with distinctive returns and huge benefits. As well as, a package of distinctive digital banking solutions “Your Bank Online” that works 24/7, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, and Digital Wallet, and ATMs. In order to save the women time and effort.

5- Banking solutions to expand the financial inclusion base. Including a package of banking services that encourage non- clients to deal with the banking system, resulting in 1075 women joined in a number of governorates to be qualified to get financial services.

6- Issuance of financial inclusion account that allows opening personal account for youth since 16 years old. As well as, allowing economic activity owners (men/ women) to join the formal banking system through opening bank account easily and with the fastest procedures.

UB spreads financial culture especially among residential communities, governmental, private and non-governmental universities in many governorates. Which helps accomplishing the Central Bank of Egypt and the State goals in expanding the financial inclusion base, improving the life conditions of the citizen, reducing rates of unemployment, and eliminating internal immigration. As well as, developing job opportunities, developing health and educational services, and empowering women. Through launching a number of distinctive banking products: Micro finance, Ajyal youth card, Laky card for women, prepaid cards, Meeza national network card. In addition to, the Millionaire certificate that made the winners’ dreams come true.

Second: UB Social Initiatives 

1- “Zakat El Gharemin” the debtors’ campaign at the initiative of Misr El Khair foundation and with the cooperation of the Ministry of Interior, and under the auspices of Mr. President, to release 2000 imprisoned women and bringing them back to their families.

2- Khorshid Village: UB distributed 50 heads of cattle and monthly financial support as a cattle dietary allowance. As well as, providing 5 booths with goods and fridges all free of charge for the beneficiaries of the village women.

3- Societal development to operate 350 families in Saint Catherine – Under the slogan of Tagalyat This is within the framework of UB’S initiative to empower 350 families from the people of Saint Catherine and “Tagaly” Transfiguration Mountain, as a first stage, in cooperation with Major General Khaled Fouda - Governor of South Sinai. It aims to promote entrepreneurship to improve competitiveness and productivity. Especially in the field of manufacturing agricultural and food products and handicrafts for which this region is famous, such as: the mountain honey extraction industry, the olive oil extraction and pressing industry, the natural herbs cultivation, the almonds cultivation and the soap industry as well as handicrafts with the famous Sinai embroidery. 

UB made greenhouses projects, held contests among the green houses owners to encourage them to work, increase productivity, and improving the quality of the product. Such as: the best handicraft contest, the best fruitful farm, the best apiary contest, the best medical and aromatic plant, the best rural development farm, and the best greenhouse contest.

4- Organizing “Sinawy” exhibition in Sharm El Sheikh for handicrafts- on the margins of The Holy Quran Competition, UB established an exhibition for residents of Saint Catherine, Mousa mountain and the valleys around. As well as, their products have been exhibited in UB monthly carnival.

5- Supporting collective wedding for 25 orphan girl in South Sinai governorate.

6-   Sponsorship of “Torathna” exhibition- under the sponsorship of Social Solidarity Ministry and Ministry of Trade and Industry. UB exhibited through its booth in the exhibition the nomadic Badawi handicrafts. 

7- Workshops for Sinai women to qualify them- on the margins of “Torathna” exhibition, UB organized a range of lectures and workshops to support the Sinai woman and provide them with the know how to market for their products and how to use digital technology in sell and purchase. 

8- Baheya Hospital- UB has provided support to 260 breast cancer affected lady, including surgeries and after surgery medications, either chemotherapy or radiotherapy. As well as, purchasing medical equipment for Baheya El Sheikh Zayed. Recently, UB has signed a cooperation protocol with Baheya Foundation to ensure the continuity of support provided to the hospital. 

9- Breast Cancer Foundation of Egypt- UB provided support to 15 infected ladies. 

10- Sponsoring Al Nedaa foundation and the Egyptian Initiative for Integrated Development to empower around 26 thousand women in 119 villages in Upper Egypt. Through launching the new brand of Hoopoo, which is adopted by Nedaa and the Egyptian Initiative for Integrated Development. Hoopoo included more than 30 designs of Egyptian heritage products and handicrafts.

11- Nagaa El Gsour village Luxor government within the presidential initiative for developing urban areas. UB empower 350 women. 

Third: UB Cultural initiatives 

The launching of UB Laky forum has a great impact in enhancing the communications channels presented to Egyptian woman culturally, socially, and professionally. That is through holding many activities and cultural rounds that support the main message of the forum which is investing in female powers, as a motive for innovation and productivity maximizing. In addition to hope industry as one of the cornerstones of enhancing the new state, for a better future for a better Egypt.  

The vision of Laky forum includes a belief in the importance of creating a supportive work environment that motives women in different roles, these roles played by women as a primary partner in the community development, either in professional level or in family and human relationships level.

12- Representing women in leadership positions and non- leadership positions in different levels is very strong and inspiring in UB. Women represent 30% of the UB work team. Which is positively reflected in the economic and social results of the corporate. That’s why Laky forum has organized a range of workshops to develop the female leadership in the fields of culture, health and raising awareness towards environment in four governorates: Cairo, Port Saied, Suez, and Fayoum.

13- In addition to motivating Egyptian female efficiencies to participate and communicate in Laky forum. Through shedding light on their success stories regionally and locally, and celebrating their achievements either inside or outside, as inspiring and effective stories that are to be followed to change the culture and mindset of women.

UB Laky forum launched the latest initiatives to accomplish environmental balance with the cooperation of Baheya foundation.

UB participated with Baheya foundation in the events of “Green Summer” campaign towards better environmental practices along with Laky forum members and a number of Baheya breast cancer fighters.

The interactive event started with awareness videos, about how to keep the balance in the marine environment and for the safety of life on Earth. A number of green practices have been conducted to preserve beaches clean to eliminate the negative impact of climate.  Also, prevent their biological impacts on the safety of human’s and marine life in both river and seas.

The awareness campaign stated it is a mutual responsibility for all humankind to preserve marine and environment safely in-order to reduce the negative impacts of climate change.

Those practices included a set of simple instructions to eliminate plastic bags through replacing plastic products and tableware with substances rapidly bio degenerating or recyclable bottles. In addition to searching for alternatives to replace chemical waste with eco- friendly substances. The thing that reflects positively on human’s life and health.

Commenting on UB accomplishing 19 initiatives that supported more than 31 thousand women, Ashraf El Kady- Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, stated that women empowerment has a huge social and economic return, either on the corporates level or on the life conditions of the citizen level.

Pointing out that the political leadership, the Egyptian state along with The Central Bank of Egypt and the community institutions made many stimulus measures to maximize the Egyptian woman participation in many fields, like in health, social, economic and cultural fields. In addition to, resolving all practices that may hinder women getting all their rights.

El kady assured UB devotion to support national and international initiatives that empower women socially and economically. In order to achieve equity and bridge gabs between genders and accomplish the principle of equal opportunities as per the United Nations principles.