UB Digital Wallet


With UB Digital Wallet, You will no longer need extra time to manage your payments.

Through UB Digital Wallet, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Check balance and payment history: you will receive notification for any transaction and regularly check your account balance.
  • Load: load your wallet from your UB accounts or from the Credit Cards instantly (for UB customers) or from any ATM with logo Meeza digital , also you can load your wallet from Fawry retailers.
  • Send: Transfer money instantly from your wallet to any other UB digital wallet or any other Wallet upon a click.
  • Cash In/Out: Withdraw or Deposit your money from your wallet from Fawry Retailer or UB ATM or ATMs that have Meeza digital logo..
  • Purchase - pay by Scanning the QR Code:

  - Buy from the merchants of your choice by scanning the QR code from any merchant having Meeza Logo through your UB Digital Wallet.

  - Pay by receiving the request to Pay “R2P”, as the merchant will send the payment request directly to your Wallet to confirm the payment process through UB Digital Wallet.

  • Track your Digital wallet balance and transactions history: Ability to check and review all your transactions details and balance.
  • Fawry Electronic services which includes:

     - Phone services: recharge and pay all your bills (Vodafone – Orange – Telecom Egypt – TE-Data – Etisalat – Link DSL).

     - Utilities payment service:  pay all your governmental bills (Electricity Gas – Water).

     - Donation services: do your donations from your mobile. Charitable associations.

     - Insurance service: Install payments for various insurance companies (Alliance – Misr life insurance – ACE life insurance- Egyptian        Engineering Syndicate  ... Etc.).

     - Travel service: book your travel ticket inside and outside Egypt through (Egypt Air- Air Arabia – Air Cairo – Go Bus  ...Etc.).

     - Electronic payments services: you can pay all university tuition fees, sports clubs fees, transportation companies (Careem and Uber) and E-shopping (OLX)...Etc.

     - Car license renewal.

Please be informed that any transaction done through UB Digital Wallet requires “M-Pin”.

Terms of registration and steps:

First: Terms and conditions to register:

  • Service is available for the United Bank customers and non-customers.
  • Have an Egyptian mobile number that is not registered on any other bank wallet and owned by the customer.
  • Valid nation ID
  • The maximum number of wallets on same national ID are three wallets.
  • Egyptian nationality holder.

Second: How to register:

  • Visit your nearest UB branch and fill in the application form.
  • Wait for an SMS from UB with the Download URL and Activation Code
  • Download the App through Apple store or Google Play store

Third: How to activate the wallet:

  • Open the application
  • Click on sign up in case of first time activation
  • Insert the following:

     - Mobile number and click activate

     - SMS of activation code will be send

     - Enter National ID number, e-mail & Activation code.

     - Enter password that consists of 6 digits that are not repeated or sequentially ordered.

  • After activation the customer enter his/her mobile number and password (M-Pin)
  • Sign in and enjoy the service.

Forth: Cash In / Cash Out through Fawry retailers:

Cash In Steps:

  • Go to the nearest Fawry Store Or Retailers to request Cash Deposit to The UB Digital Wallet.
  • Choosing a financial transaction service and banks from an Fawry Machine.
  • Select The UB Digital Wallet from an Fawry Machine.
  • The merchant selects Cash Deposit (Agent cash - In).
  • Customer should to generate the Cash-in OTP from his Wallet and provide it to the retailer along with his Wallet Account Number (Mobile Number).
  • Provide the One Time Password (OTP) to the retailer to complete the deposit process and credited the amount to customer Wallet.

Cash Out  Steps:

  •      Go to the nearest Fawry Store or Retailers to request Cash-Out from UB Digital Wallet.
  •      The UB Digital Wallet Customer:

     - Sign in to the Digital Wallet application and choose Cash Out Service.

     - Enter and confirm the Merchant Number.

     - Enter the amount to be withdrawn.

     - Choose confirmation and withdraw the amount to be credited in the retailer account.

     - After the customer confirmation using his M-PIN on the app and the trxs is processed, a receipt on the wallet with the FCRN will appear.

Fifth: The method of shipping and deposit through ATMs:

Deposit steps Cash In:

  • Go to the nearest ATM of the United Bank or an ATM with a Meeza digital logo.
  • Select Card-Less services.
  • Select Digital wallet services.
  • Select a cash deposit.
  • Enter the mobile number of your digital wallet.
  • Enter the M-PIN for your Wallet (the M-Pin).
  • Deposit the Cash in the ATM deposit Module.

Withdrawal Cash Out:

  • Go to the nearest ATM of the United Bank or an ATM with a Meeza digital logo.
  • Select of Card-less services from the ATM.
  • Select Digital wallet services from the ATMs.
  • Select cash withdrawal from the ATMs.
  • Enter the mobile number of your digital wallet.
  • Enter the OTP that appear from your Digital Wallet.
  • Enter the amount will be withdrawn from the ATM.

Terms & conditions applied

You can also speak to any of our friendly call center representatives by calling 19200 at any time and they will be happy to assist you