UB Digital Wallet


With UB Digital Wallet, You will no longer need extra time to manage your payments.

Through UB Digital Wallet, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Check balance and payment history: you will receive notification for any transaction and regularly check your account balance.
  • Load: load your wallet from your UB accounts or from the Credit Cards instantly (for UB customers) or from any ATM with logo Meeza, also you can load your wallet from Fawry retailers.
  • Send: Transfer money instantly from your wallet to any other UB digital wallet or any other Wallet upon a click.
  • Cash In/Out: Withdraw or Deposit your money from your wallet from Fawry Retailer or UB ATM or ATMs that have Meeza logo..
  • Track your Digital wallet balance and transactions history: Ability to check and review all your transactions details and balance.
  • Fawry Electronic services which includes:

     - Phone services: recharge and pay all your bills (Vodafone – Orange – Telecom Egypt – TE-Data – Etisalat – Link DSL).

     - Utilities payment service:  pay all your governmental bills (Electricity Gas – Water).

     - Donation services: do your donations from your mobile. Charitable associations.

     - Insurance service: Install payments for various insurance companies (Alliance – Misr life insurance – ACE life insurance- Egyptian        Engineering Syndicate  ... Etc.).

     - Travel service: book your travel ticket inside and outside Egypt through (Egypt Air- Air Arabia – Air Cairo – Go Bus  ...Etc.).

     - Electronic payments services: you can pay all university tuition fees, sports clubs fees, transportation companies (Careem and Uber) and E-shopping (OLX)...Etc.

     - Car license renewal.

     - Purchase - pay by Scanning the QR Code.

Please be informed that any transaction done through UB Digital Wallet requires “M-Pin”.

Terms of registration and steps:

First: Terms and conditions to register:

  • Service is available for the United Bank customers and non-customers.
  • Have an Egyptian mobile number that is not registered on any other bank wallet and owned by the customer.
  • Valid nation ID
  • The maximum number of wallets on same national ID are three wallets.
  • Egyptian nationality holder.

Second: How to register:

  • Visit your nearest UB branch and fill in the application form.
  • Wait for an SMS from UB with the Download URL and Activation Code
  • Download the App through Apple store or Google Play store

Third: How to activate the wallet:

  • Open the application
  • Click on sign up in case of first time activation
  • Insert the following:

     - Mobile number and click activate

     - SMS of activation code will be send

     - Enter National ID number, e-mail & Activation code.

     - Enter password that consists of 6 digits that are not repeated or sequentially ordered.

  • After activation the customer enter his/her mobile number and password (M-Pin)
  • Sign in and enjoy the service.

Forth: Cash In / Cash Out through Fawry retailers:

Cash In Steps:

  • Go to the nearest Fawry Store Or Retailers to request Cash Deposit to The UB Digital Wallet.
  • Choosing a financial transaction service and banks from an Fawry Machine.
  • Select The UB Digital Wallet from an Fawry Machine.
  • The merchant selects Cash Deposit (Agent cash - In).
  • Customer should to generate the Cash-in OTP from his Wallet and provide it to the retailer along with his Wallet Account Number (Mobile Number).
  • Provide the One Time Password (OTP) to the retailer to complete the deposit process and credited the amount to customer Wallet.

Cash Out  Steps:

  •      Go to the nearest Fawry Store or Retailers to request Cash-Out from UB Digital Wallet.
  •      The UB Digital Wallet Customer:

     - Sign in to the Digital Wallet application and choose Cash Out Service.

     - Enter and confirm the Merchant Number.

     - Enter the amount to be withdrawn.

     - Choose confirmation and withdraw the amount to be credited in the retailer account.

     - After the customer confirmation using his M-PIN on the app and the trxs is processed, a receipt on the wallet with the FCRN will appear.

Fifth: The method of shipping and deposit through ATMs:

Deposit steps Cash In:

  • Go to the nearest ATM of the United Bank or an ATM with a Meeza logo.
  • Select Card-Less services.
  • Select Digital wallet services.
  • Select a cash deposit.
  • Enter the mobile number of your digital wallet.
  • Enter the M-PIN for your Wallet (the M-Pin).
  • Deposit the Cash in the ATM deposit Module.

Withdrawal Cash Out:

  • Go to the nearest ATM of the United Bank or an ATM with a Meeza logo.
  • Select of Card-less services from the ATM.
  • Select Digital wallet services from the ATMs.
  • Select cash withdrawal from the ATMs.
  • Enter the mobile number of your digital wallet.
  • Enter the OTP that appear from your Digital Wallet.
  • Enter the amount will be withdrawn from the ATM.

Terms & conditions applied

You can also speak to any of our friendly call center representatives by calling 19200 at any time and they will be happy to assist you