Zewail City of Science and Technology and The United Bank


Zewail City of Science and Technology and The United Bank signed a cooperation agreement to fund 11 scholarships for Zewail students for 2018-2019 for one year, at the headquarters of Zewail Science and Technology at 6th of October. In the presence of a number of senior officials from The United Bank and faculty members in the city.
The protocol comes within the framework of supporting and developing the scientific research system in Egypt, working on empowering Egyptian students, developing their creative abilities, upgrading the practical research system and placing Egypt at the forefront of the most advanced nations. This is in line with the State Plan for Sustainable Development 2030.
Where a number of students who meet the conditions of benefiting from this grant are selected in accordance with the criteria set by the administration of Zewail city, which is headed by equal opportunities among all eligible students and in order to ensure continuity of students' benefit.
Dr. Sherif Sedqy, Chief Executive Officer of Zewail City for Science and Technology, expressed his great pleasure to cooperate with the United Bank, as part of supporting educational grants for Zewail students of science and technology.
He added that the goal of establishing the city of Zewail for science and technology is to keep abreast of what is new in the field of scientific research and technology and develop it in terms of what the others have ended to place Egypt in the place it deserves among the different countries of the world scientifically and research.
Dr. Sherif Sedqy said that in Zewail City for Science and Technology, we seek to create a new generation of scientists capable of harnessing scientific research and technology to serve the entire humanity.
Dr. Sedqy pointed out to his desire to continue fruitful cooperation between various sectors, bodies and institutions to support the scientific research system and restore Egypt to its distinguished position among developed countries through its excellence in the field of scientific research and attention to quality education that will lead Egypt to the future in the hands of its children.
The Bank is keen to support innovators as the cornerstone of building modern Egypt.
Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of The United Bank, said: "The Bank's strategy is aimed at sustaining social practices to support society as a whole. Hence, the Bank's keen interest in the education and health sector as well as all initiatives and projects aimed at bringing about real development within our society and benefiting all groups, especially youth and women, for their main role in future leadership, as well as encouraging Bank employees to participate effectively in community responsibility practices.
On cooperation with Zewail City for Science and Technology, Ashraf El Kady said that Zewail City for Science and Technology is one of the most important scientific lighthouses that contribute to the development of the scientific research system in Egypt. The Great scientist Dr. Ahmed Zewail was aware of the leadership and excellence in the Egyptians and wanted to make use of this grant to remedy the difficulties and problems facing the Egyptian society.
Scientific research is the main engine of the transformation of the knowledge economy
El Kady said that recent years have witnessed remarkable progress in the field of scientific research worldwide and has become a pioneer of innovators and talented. Practical research is the main engine of the transformation of the Egyptian economy from the traditional to the knowledge based economy. As well as the development of solutions and treatment of health and social problems those affects the productivity of the individual and impede the process of comprehensive development of society as a whole.
Hence the responsibility of discovering the scientifically distinguished and innovators on the shoulders of society as a whole and involving all institutions of the state and civil society. Egypt has a qualified human resource to make a quantum leap in thought, culture and knowledge. As well as the basic infrastructure represented by the number of universities, research centers, excellence, central laboratories, information network and the Egyptian Knowledge Bank.
State interest in innovators
Ashraf El Kady pointed to the interest of the state and the political leadership in supporting the scientific research system and innovators, which were translated in the recent cabinet approval of the draft law on incentives for science, technology and innovation that supports the establishment of the culture of scientific research. The Constitution guarantees the freedom of scientific research and obliges the State to take care of the privileged and seek the renaissance of society.
He added that the Egyptian state is keen to establish a number of science valleys, scientific cities, technological incubators and innovation centers in Egypt, as well as scientific conferences to display the fruit of the efforts of researchers and encourage cooperation and conduct research and linking them to industrial projects. It also opened the door for fruitful cooperation with various research bodies, whether local or international, in the field of technology, industry and economy, which serves the national economy.

About Zewail City of Science and Technology:
Zewail City for Science and Technology a non-profit governmental organization was established in 2000 by Professor Ahmed Zewail, the Egyptian Nobel laureate, and was inaugurated in 2011 with the aim of preparing a generation of students capable of creative thinking, mastering basic sciences and at the same time able to Bridging the gap between academia and industry.
Zewail City for Science and Technology is Egypt's national project for scientific renaissance, plays a pivotal role in facing the strategic challenges facing the country and the Arab region and helping to enrich the country's economy, thus contributing to a scientific and economic renaissance in our Arab homeland.