Within the "Nile Pioneers" national initiative


Within the "Nile Pioneers" national initiative
The United Bank launches a participatory system to empower 24 entrepreneurs in Assiout by young leaders graduated from the Bright Stars Academy

Ashraf El Kady - President of the United Bank
•    Empowering the youth of the Bright Stars - the United Bank and engaging them in the "Nile Pioneers" initiative.
•    Participatory programs directed at technical, financial support and personal skills for 24 entrepreneurs in Assiout.
•    Emerging companies are the engine of the national economy.
•    Innovation and digital transformation are among the mechanisms of the new republic.
•    The secret of the bank's success in developing the capabilities of its continuous work team.
•    The Bright Stars Academy discovers the talents of young people, builds their capabilities, and enhances their leadership skills.
•    Studying at the Bright Stars Academy qualifies young people for a banking and administrative system in accordance with international standards.
•    Academy graduates participate in setting the features of the bank's annual strategy.

Cairo: September 2nd, 2021

Ashraf El Kady, President of the United Bank, announced the launch of the first participatory system aiming to empower the youth of the United Bank from the Bright Stars Academy graduates in banking and administration, and their participation in the activities and programs of the "Nile Pioneers" national initiative to develop entrepreneurship and emerging companies under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt.

A series of training programs were held for 24 entrepreneurs from Assiout Governorate in cooperation with the Dandara Center and the Nile Pioneers Center, the United Bank of Meniya, over a period of two weeks aiming to help these entrepreneurial projects to achieve success and sustainable growth by providing practical and theoretical training on the basics of small and micro projects, guidance and solving problems associated with the starting project.

Participatory programs directed at technical, financial support and personal skills for 24 entrepreneurs in Assiout

Moataza Omar - a graduate of the Bright Stars Program, delivered a training program in 3 vital and specialized fields:

The field of technical support, such as: financial management and marketing - the definition of the entrepreneur - types of projects and their legal forms - the papers required to start the project.

The field of financial support such as: funding sources - banking services - how to conduct pricing and market studies - explanation of the financial statements - how to prepare feasibility studies.

The field of personal support such as: marketing and sales skills - developing an entrepreneurial spirit - building self-skills - how to manage time - solving crises - self-confidence and the arts of leadership - effective communication - stages of team building - problem solving - brainstorming.

Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of the United Bank's Board of Directors – said that the Egyptian youth constitute about 60% of the population of Egypt and more than 75% of the size of the work team of The United Bank.

Therefore, the Bright Stars Academy - the United Bank was established last 2018, aiming to build the capabilities of the work team and enhancing their leadership skills as well as preparing a second row of young banking leaders and giving Bright Stars Academy graduates a golden opportunity to participate in the development of The United Bank's annual strategy. As well as enabling them to engage in banking and economic life and national projects and initiatives.

Starting companies are the engine of the national economy

El Kady expressed that the starting companies are part of the economic development activities in Egypt. Entrepreneurship is one of the most important drivers of economic growth that contributes in providing job opportunities, diversifying sources of national income, and stimulating the economy by introducing small and micro projects, especially young people and women, to become a productive social and economic force.

Innovation and digital transformation are among the mechanisms of the new republic.

Ashraf El Kady explained that innovation and digital transformation are one of the most important mechanisms of the new republic. Therefore, the political leadership and the Central Bank of Egypt laid out huge plans for development and investment in technology, infrastructure and information technology. Egypt becomes one of the most important countries for the manufacture of big data centers on the global map.

He added that it was necessary to encourage the Starting companies and innovators and inject new investments in this promising field as well as working to increase societal awareness and increase educational institutions specialized in the field of information infrastructure to deal professionally with modern technological technologies such as programs, devices, security and information protection.

The bank’s secret success in the strategy of developing the efficiency of the human element

El Kady attributed the success secret of The United Bank in the efficient performance of the human element. Maximizing the share of The United Bank and its market position stems from the continuous development of the performance of the work team and building the leadership capabilities of young banking cadres according to the highest international standards aiming to establish a well-established and sustainable banking management system, the leaders of which are selected according to objective criteria based on efficiency and scientific excellence.

He added that we are keen to develop the capabilities of the work team, especially the creative ones, and provide them with the necessary tools to advance the development and improvement process and prepare a new generation of future leaders. This is achieved through training programs in line with the state’s efforts to empower youth and build a future based on science and knowledge and drive growth and development.