Within The Central Bank's national campaign for financial inclusion


Within The Central Bank's national campaign for financial inclusion
The United Bank organizes an educational seminar to raise the awareness of banking services for the youth of the Egyptian Industrial Academy in El Obour City

Cairo: March 9th, 2021

The United Bank organized a seminar on banking services and banking and digital solutions, as part of the national campaign of The Central Bank of Egypt from 8 to31 March, in cooperation with the Industrial Academy of Egypt in El Obour City, with strict precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Nevine Kashmiry - Deputy Managing Director for Business Sectors, The United Bank - says that The United Bank provides a package of distinguished banking and digital services that are characterized by keeping pace with the needs of contemporary Egyptian youth in terms of speed and ease according to the highest international standards in the quality of banking and digital performance.

Kashmiry referred to the series of numerous initiatives of The Central Bank of Egypt, which aim to spread financial and digital culture and achieve financial inclusion, which contributes in the transformation process into a cashless society. Consequently, it will be reflected economically and socially from the elimination of poverty and the improvement of the citizen's life, as well as treating a number of social problems, most notably the unemployment and the corruption.

Nevine Kashmiry explained that technical education is getting great attention from the Egyptian state, as it is the engine of development. That is why the Ministry of Education and Technical Education, as well as universities and applied academies, endeavor to develop visions, mechanisms and plans to meet the market needs and provide real job opportunities for graduates and provide them with the necessary skills after graduation.

She added that The United Bank offers within its campaign for financial inclusion sponsored by The Central Bank the possibility of opening bank accounts without administrative fees and without minimum amount, in addition to a series of digital services such as internet banking, mobile banking and digital wallets with their distinct features, and those who work 24 hours, 7 days a week, so that the United Bank's clients can follow up all their personal accounts, whether they are deposits, certificates, cards, or finances, and make all transfers between their accounts with the utmost freedom as well as making external transfers, whether to customers of the United Bank or non-customers, in complete safety.

Also , The digital services enable The United Bank’s customers to request the issuance of check books and alternative cards, as well as activating or deactivating the cards, in addition to the ability to conduct self-credit inquiry I-Score, in addition to recharging,  paying mobile phone and electricity bills and the possibility to provide support and assistance through a large number of associations and institutions approved by the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

As well as the request to issue or link The United Bank distinguished certificates, whether traditional or compatible with the provisions of Sharia and requesting the issuance or linking of deposits of various kinds, especially those with a prepaid return, where the customer can easily follow some instructions himself, whether through his mobile phone or via the Internet banking without the need to apply for customer service at any of the bank's 65 branches and enjoy an outstanding quality and speedy package of digital banking solutions and services with complete safety and according to the approved international standards.

Kashmiry referred to the financing package provided by The United Bank for the youth within the Nile Pioneers initiative of The Central Bank of Egypt to finance starting, small and micro-projects, as well as a package of specialized financing for small and medium projects within the presidential initiative sponsored by the Central Bank of Egypt.

 About Egyptian Industrial Academy
The Industrial Academy of the Ministry of Trade and Industry aims to qualify students to join the labor market, as the academy gives a technical diploma approved by the Ministry of Education and Technical Education. The studying duration is 3 years after the preparatory certificate in one of the following specializations: automatic control - industrial electricity - computer - industrial electronics. Also, the study relies heavily on practical application in the academy's laboratories, in addition to training them in the factories to keep the graduates acquiring basic skills needed for the labor market.