The United Bank Opens its newest branch at Al Haram to maximize national tourism revenue and localize digital banking technology


The United Bank

Opens its newest branch at Al Haram to maximize national tourism revenue and localize digital banking technology

Cairo: 5th of November 2019
The United Bank announced the opening of its newest branch at Al Haram area to join the chain of branches of The United Bank 63 and spread all over the Republic. This is in line with the general trend of the Egyptian state towards maximizing the national income from tourism and increasing investment opportunities in the field of tourism. As well as the localization of digital banking technology and expand the base of financial inclusion.
The new branch was inaugurated by Farag Abdel Hamid Deputy Chairman, Nevine Kashmiry Deputy Managing Director of Business Sectors, Rehab Azmy Head of Retail and Branches Division and Ahmed Helmy Head of Information Echnology Sector in the presence of a selected group of The United Bank staff and young bankers.
The United Bank offers a package of conventional banking solutions and services that is Shariaa-compliant to the tourism sector, Companies and individuals for Egyptians, Arabs and foreigners with its 63 branches to commensurate with their aspirations and needs of digital banking services.
The United Bank offers customers a personal banking system "Bank Online" which allows them to conduct all their banking transactions without the hassle of going to the branch, anywhere, in a matter of seconds. The Bank operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with the highest international efficiency and technology
This is in addition to mobile banking services and digital wallet that make it easier for customers time and effort. He was able to conduct many banking services and bookings for airlines and tourism. In addition to granting many opportunities for booking and enjoying offers of touristic and cultural places. As well as marketing using United Bank prepaid cards and credit cards of various types.
The United Bank also offers ATM services, which provide customers with a variety of advanced solutions, including the possibility of exchanging currency at the declared market price. The possibility of inquiring about instantaneous creditworthiness. As well as payment services for landline and mobile phone bills. In addition to many other services
This is in addition to a range of Shariaa-compliant investment and savings vessels in Egyptian pound and foreign currencies. As well as the mortgage service, which gives all customers the opportunity to obtain the perfect housing chance depends on their various segments and requirements. In addition to the services of the Ethar corporate social responsibility program, which provides customers with a wide range of Al Khair accounts, support and social support