United Bank Awards 2019


United Bank Awards 2019
The year 2019 crowns the series of achievements of the United Bank within the list of distinguished people in the field of banking, digitization, leadership, institutional communication and community work, whether local, regional or global, institutional or specialized.

Institutional awards

1- February 2019 - The Federation of Arab Banks announced that the United Bank won the "Excellence for Arab Digital Banks 2018" award for the second time in a row. This is within the activities of the "The Role of Communications and Digital Financial Solutions in Promoting Financial Inclusion" forum, which was held in the State of Tunisia under the auspices of the Central Bank of Tunisia and the Tunisian Professional Association of Banks and Financial Institutions.

2- February 2019 - Rakhaa Fund won the Best Islamic Cash Fund in the Middle East from the Global Investors Foundation, which is affiliated with the Euromoney Foundation.

3- June 2019 - EMEA International Finance granted the United Bank two prizes as the best financing performance for major joint strategic project loans in Africa, the Middle East and Russia.
The first prize: for participating in financing the best cross-joint loan to finance agricultural and industrial activities in the Africa and the Middle East region and granted to the Canal Sugar Company to finance the company’s project to produce beet sugar in its factory in Minya City and reclaim 181 thousand acres, with a funding value of $100 million and 1.2 billion EGP, and the bank participated in it, with 15 million USD and 100 million EGP.

The second prize: for participation in financing the best joint loan granted to finance heavy industrial activity in Africa and the Middle East for the year 2018. And by participating in the joint loan granted to Al-Ezz Rolling Company with the aim of financing the company’s factory for the production of reduced iron in Al-Ain Al-Sukhna city, the total loan amounted to 5.2 billion EGP, and with the participation of the Bank in the amount of 133 million EGP.

4- July 2019 - Rakhaa Cash Fund also won the award for the best investment mechanism in accordance with the provisions of Sharia from the Union of Arab Banks for the second year in a row.

5- December 2019 - The United Bank received a presidential certificate signed by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in appreciation of his role in supporting the Viva Egypt Fund by participating in 6 national initiatives under the auspices of the Viva Egypt Fund

Specialized awards:

6- November 2019 - Ashraf Al-Qadi - Chairman of the Board and Moataz Al-Qasabi - Deputy Managing Director obtained a certificate of banking leadership from Harvard University in the United States in a list of 47 Egyptian bankers.

7- September 2019 - Nevin Kashmiri - Egyptian Women Forum - Deputy Managing Director of Business Sectors and Germaine Amer - President of Corporate Communication awarded the Egyptian Women 2019

8- June 2019 - IDC awarded Ahmed Helmy - Head of Information Technology Sector the Excellence Award in Digital Transformation at the level of the Middle East.

9- March 2019 - The National Council for Women granted Samia Madani - Director of the Upper Egypt Region of the United Bank a certificate of appreciation in honor of her great efforts in the advancement of Suhaj women society on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Egyptian Women's Day.

10- February 2019 - Diplomacy magazine Nevine Kashmiri - Deputy Managing Director of the Business Sectors of the United Bank was chosen among the 25 most powerful women influencing business enterprises in 2018 in a public referendum conducted by the magazine in Egypt and the Arab world.

11- January 2019 - The 50th Forum for Women, the most influential women in business institutions in Egypt for the year 2018, awarded Germine Amer - Head of Corporate Communication for her influential contributions in the field of institutional communication, which was reflected in the media performance of the Foundation in the Egyptian market, According to the annual report prepared by Forum 50 according to the professional standards and official classification of the forum.

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