Under the slogan "Live it right...Live it healthy"


Under the slogan "Live it right...Live it healthy"
The United Bank launches an awareness campaign on the importance of healthy practices for its customers and followers
Germien Amer - Head of Corporate Communications, The United Bank
•    The media campaign aims at consolidating a healthy community culture.
•    Media awareness is an effective means for the systematic change of society.
•    The United Bank is a community partner and financial advisor to its clients and followers.
•    Using digital media to ensure faster and more accurate access to the target segments.

Cairo: October 26th, 2021

Under the slogan of "Live it right...Live it healthy," The United Bank announced the launch of the awareness media campaign for its customers and followers on its pages on social networking sites aiming to raise health, cultural and societal awareness of the importance of exercising and following an appropriate diet among different groups of society, especially among young people.

The "Live it right...Live it healthy" campaign includes a set of effective tips and guidelines that help customers and followers of The United Bank's pages on social media in maintaining public health, improving their abilities, raising their work efficiency and increasing productivity. As well as encouraging them to exercise physical activity and follow a healthy and balanced diet. It also enables them to acquire a set of healthy habits that maintain their vitality.

Commenting on the launch of the media awareness campaign, Germien Amer - Head of Institutional Communication at The United Bank - says that the awareness campaigns aim to change the general culture and develop peoples. The media plan, the choice of the message, the content, and the most influential media are essential elements for the success of the campaign. As well as choosing the target community groups, whether geographically, economically, socially or intellectually. It is also appropriate to choose the element of time to produce the desired positive impact of the campaign.

Germien Amer added that health awareness receives great attention from the political leadership and civil society alike, especially as it is one of the means of systematic strategic change for society as a whole, as well as its direct and indirect impact on the public health of the citizen by increasing production and raising the rates of development necessary for the national economy.

Germien Amer explained that the strategic plan for the awareness campaign is managed by the Corporate Communication Department of The United Bank. It aims to consolidate the concepts of humanitarian, social and awareness-raising work for the health and safety of the Egyptian person.

Germien Amer indicated that the media campaign employed digital media well, based on its great effectiveness, especially among the youth group in terms of the fastest and most successful impact and the ability to reach the target audience. Over the past era, it has proven to have had an impact in the field of raising awareness, education, guidance and education, especially after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.