Under the slogan "Be careful"


Under the slogan "Be careful"
12 warning messages from The United Bank to instruct its customers inside and outside Egypt

Cairo: August 23rd, 2021

Under the slogan "Be careful," The United Bank launched yesterday an awareness campaign aiming to warn its customers against risks of being exposed to fraud as a result of disclosing their personal or banking information.

Stressing on protecting the customers' data, money and investments are national security issue and a joint responsibility between The United Bank and all customers inside and outside Egypt.

The campaign includes 12 warning messages:

First warning message:
The customer must maintain the confidentiality of his personal data, the account number or his personal card number, as well as the place of residence and the last banking transaction on his account and not to disclose it to any person, regardless of the degree of kinship or relationship with the client.

Second warning message:
Ensure that The United Bank and its team throughout the Republic have not and will not request any confidential information or data concerning customers, whether by personal contact, through social media sites, via e-mail, or by phone, whether mobile or landline.

Third warning message:
Be careful not to share the secret numbers of the customer's bank accounts, as well as card numbers, whether credit, debit or prepaid and also the CVV2 code written on the back of the cards consisting of three numbers with any person.
Fourth warning message:
When customers use the digital services of The United Bank "Your Bank On Line" such as internet banking - mobile banking and UB digital wallet, it is necessary for the customer used not to disclose the temporary password (OTP) sent to him on his personal phone registered with The United Bank.

Fifth warning message:
Do not share their electronic services activation code with anyone.

Sixth warning message:
Not to receive any phone call via mobile or landline, or any communication through e-mail, for the purpose of updating their bank data. The United Bank has not and will not request any information or data concerning its customers except through its 67 branches.

Seventh cautionary message:
Update the personal data of customers only through the 67 branches of the United Bank, which are spread all over the Republic.

Eighth warning message:
It is necessary to deal with well-known and insured shopping sites only, when using the United Bank credit, debit or prepaid cards.

Ninth warning message:
Not to receive any phone call informing customers that they have won a financial prize and asking them for any bank data such as: account numbers and the OTP to transfer the amount.

Tenth warning message:
Be careful not to deal with any electronic means of unknown source or unreliable, as well as receiving any phone call regarding the customer’s obtaining purchase points or purchase vouchers as a gift on his card, or asking him to deposit a sum of money in any account or transfer from an electronic wallet for the purpose of obtaining these points or purchase vouchers.

Eleventh warning message:
Beware no to store details such as your username and password for your internet banking services on your mobile phone.

Twelfth Warning Message:
Create a hard-to-guess password for digital banking services.

The United Bank stressed that it is keen to invest in infrastructure according to the international quality standards in order to provide everything new to its customers in the market to meet their needs and aspirations, especially in the field of digital banking services, as well as securing their data and investments against any hacking.