Under the auspices of the Governor of South Sinai


Under the auspices of the Governor of South Sinai

The United Bank organizes the Holy Quran competition for the first time in South Sinai


Cairo: 15th of November 2019

Under the auspices of General Khaled Fouda - Governor of South Sinai, the United Bank  organized the annual Holy Quran competition for the first time in South Sinai. In the presence of Ashraf El Kady, Chairman The United Bank, Farag Abdel Hamid, Vice Chairman of The United Bank and Lamis Najm, Advisor to the Governor of The Central Bank of Social Responsibility and The United Bank’s team.

With the participation of Dr. / Said Amer - Assistant Secretary-General for Propagation and Religious Information - Deputy for Al-Azhar and Sheikh / Amr Mustafa - Undersecretary of the Ministry of Al-Azhar in South Sinai and Dr. / Hassan El-Sayed Khalil - Director General of Technical Affairs in the Office of Sheikh Al-Azhar and Sheikh / Ismail Al-Rawi - Undersecretary of the Ministry of Awqaf South Sinai and a selection from the team of South Sinai governorate and tribal elders.

General Khaled Fouda, governor of South Sinai, said that the religious identity of the Egyptian state depends on moderation and Al-Azhar school in the teachings of the Islamic religion and being away from extremism in various ways. As well as spreading the correct concepts of religion and compatible with the nature of the time.

The governor of South Sinai added that the Egyptian state has taken on the task of confronting terrorism with sustainable development. Investment in human beings, infrastructure, hotels and educational facilities such as the modernization of villages and houses, beautification of fields and the establishment of developmental and service projects such as tourism, agriculture and industry.

It is also concerned with the rehabilitation of the Sinai population, especially the youth and women. Also employing their productive potential, especially agricultural and handicrafts and embroidery to develop Egyptian craft exports. As well as caring for the citizen himself through health and education. Many schools and branches of some universities have been opened. As well as health campaigns and medical convoys, which The United Bank sponsored to detect anemia and eyes of the people of Sinai in cooperation with the Al-Kheer Foundation.

General Khaled Fouda expressed his keenness to participate in all events related to tourism of various kinds, local and international, considering the governorate of South Sinai one of the most attractive areas for tourists, including: London Tourism Exchange. In order to identify the global trends and different types of tourism in order to promote Egyptian tourism and maximize the opportunities available and work to invest in high efficiency. This is in addition to the adoption of the Governorate and the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism a variety of events, the latest was "Let's pray together", which was held in St. Catherine area and witnessed a large international presence and praise.

Investing in youth is a necessity to renew religious discourse

Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of The United Bank, said that the Bank has developed a comprehensive strategy for social responsibility based on the achievement of sustainable community development, especially in the field of education and health.

The organization of the annual competition of the Holy Qur'an was one of the important events to spread the religious education of the middle and build a generation of young contemporary and educated and armed with the latest scientific theories and at the same time conservative and understanding of the rules and principles of religion and Sharia.

Ashraf El Kady pointed out that the state institutions of the Ministry of Awqaf and Al-Azhar have taken upon themselves to confront extremism and terrorism and we, in turn, as institutions of the financial and civil society stand behind this trend significantly.

The role of religious institutions is important and inevitable in building the national identity of Egyptians through the renewal of religious discourse and the dissemination of the ethics of moderate Islam and the origins of religious sciences. It is an important enlightening, cultural and civilizational role, especially since Al-Azhar has a distinguished position in the hearts of Muslims in various parts of the world. Al-Azhar is the symbol of moderation and holds the responsibility of the calling to God and spreading the true moderate religion and teaching to Muslims

On the definition of religious discourse, Ashraf El kady says that religious discourse is based on two things. The first is the divine text and the second is the correct understanding of the teachings of religion. Here comes the need for innovation in the style of presentation through the mechanisms of teaching in harmony with the requirements of the age and suitable for all age groups.

Holy Quran competition this year

Ashraf El Kady said that The United Bank is conducting the activities of the annual Quran competition in nine provinces at the level of the Republic. This year we were honored to join the governorate of South Sinai under the chairmanship of General Khaled Fouda. Where national visions and goals were met.

The contest was widely accepted among the people of Sinai and this is a clear indication of the belief in the necessity of fostering religious culture and instilling it in a strong generation capable of working and giving. Tests have been conducted to urge young people to memorize the Quran and adhere to the correct doctrine based on centrism.

Ashraf El Kady added that the Holy Quran competition has been set in an integrated program to sponsor the top ten of the book keepers of God socially and scientifically at the level of the provinces of the Republic.

Unification of standards and conditions at the level of the governorates of the Republic

Regarding the annual competition criteria for the Holy Quran Memorizers, Farag Abdul Hamid, Deputy Chairman of The United Bank said that the general organization of the competition comes within the framework of specific conditions, rules and standards of tests to ensure the quality of the competition in cooperation with Al-Azhar and the Ministry of Awqaf.


Initial and final committees have been set up and dedicated to conduct tests in the governorates to determine the level of the contestants. Also determine the level of contestants that exist for the Quran of the conservatives only. Followed by central committees to conduct the second liquidation among the contestants. Then a top main committee to choose the top contestants.

This year the competition included three levels of memorizing the Holy Quran. The first level of the contestants who memorized the entire Quran - the second level of the contestants who memorized two thirds of the Quran. The third level is dedicated to memorizing one third of the Holy Quran.

General rules and conditions for participation have also been established. The contestant must be at least 4 years old and not more than 18 years old. A participant who has participated in previous years can also participate if additional parts have been memorized. Participants with special needs were also accepted.

According to Lamis Najm, Advisor to the Governor of The Central Bank of Social Responsibility, President El Sisi launched an initiative to renew the religious discourse and carry it upon him because it is one of the important and urgent issues that need the solidarity of state institutions and civil society.

She added that The United Bank is one of the first banks that were interested in spreading the religious culture among the people of Sinai, especially the youth, through the annual competition to memorize the Holy Quran as a first and fundamental step.

She expected that next year a huge turnout by the people of Sinai to the competition and save parts of the Quran and win them, especially since the prizes are valuable. The United Bank also sponsors outstanding Quran keepers throughout the year.


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