To spread the spirit of bonding and love The United Bank Launches "U-Got-A-Gift" card as an exceptional gift on the Eid occasion.


On Eid occasion, The United Bank presents "U-Got-A-Gift" Card as an exceptional and innovative gift for customers and non-customers aiming to spread the spirit of love and bonding among community members on various occasions.

The United Bank customers and non-customers can buy "U-Got-A-Gift" card from all The United Bank 67 branches spread all over the Republic. Presenting it as a valuable gift in the person’s name on all occasions, birthdays, success gift, new-born gift and holidays gift … etc.


"U-Got-A-Gift" card provides The United Bank customers and non-customers with many advantages and characteristics, including making all kinds of purchases inside and outside The Arab Republic of Egypt with utmost safety, whether from commercial centers or via the Internet using the OTP security code service.


In addition, it has the contactless feature to enable its holder to maintain all the necessary precautions to prevent Corona virus. "U-Got-A-Gift" card enables its holder to conduct cash withdrawals from more than 220 ATMs of The United Bank spread all over the Republic.


"U-Got-A-Gift" card also has the feature of user control over the card's recharge amounts 24 hours, 7 days a week, through "Your Bank Online" digital services, mobile banking and internet banking where the card can be recharged instantly and used with utmost safety.