To apply the comprehensive system of tax operations 2021


To apply the comprehensive system of tax operations 2021
The United Bank launches the instantaneous tax payment services in cooperation with e-finance through unified electronic portal of the Egyptian Tax Authority

Cairo: April 19th, 2021

Ashraf El Kady – Chairman of The United Bank - announced that the bank recently launched a service for instantaneous payment of tax for customers and non-customers in cooperation with e-finance and through the electronic portal of the Egyptian Tax Authority.

In order to keep up with the great developments led by the Egyptian state, the Ministry of Finance, The Central Bank of Egypt and The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to digitize the collection of government receivables within the framework of transformation strategies for a cashless society and increase the base of financial inclusion, as well as saving the effort and time of the citizen and making it easy for them.

Economical, institutional and social dimension of the new service

Ashraf El Kady, expressed that the new service aims to achieve several important dimensions, the economic and strategic dimension of the Egyptian state, the institutional dimension of The United Bank, and also the social dimension of the Egyptian citizen:

Where the economic and strategic dimension of the Egyptian state comes in accordance with Vision 2030 in accelerating the transformation process for a cashless society, as well as encouraging economic activity to enter the official system of the state, this maximizes the state’s resources and speeds up the launching process to achieve comprehensive development.

The institutional dimension for The United Bank in maximizing its market share in proportion to its human and technical capabilities, the bank has the infrastructure and digital systems that are qualified according to the latest global digital services system to serve customers and non-customers in real time, in addition to the continuous improvement of the programs’ package and features provided to customers, which enables them to fulfill their obligations while saving time and effort and reducing material and emotional waste.
As for the social dimension, it comes within the framework of supporting the Egyptian state in accessing basic services such as education, health and facilities for the citizen to improve his life by expanding the base of financial and social inclusion to achieve the foundations of social justice.

Advantages of government payments programs from The United Bank

Ashraf El Kady, expressed that the tax payment process of the bank's customers and non-customers takes place through a package of digital services from internet banking for companies and individuals, bank mobile and UB digital wallet, which works 24 hours, 7 days a week, and enables customers to pay all obligations instantly, in order to save time and effort and with the utmost safety. This is in addition to the readiness of 66 branches of The United Bank spread in all governorates of the Republic.

El Kady added that The United Bank is one of the leading banks in providing electronic payment services for government dues. Electronic government payments programs allow customers to pay all kinds of due taxes, including: income tax - deduction at source - value added tax and, most recently, tax invoices without being obliged to pay in the Tax Office in which the taxpayer is registered, in order to facilitate for them and to achieve the decentralization principle in the collection of government dues.

Qualified work team

Those in charge of this service are an elite group of The United Bank's work team who received specialized training courses to operate and activate the system, which places the bank among the providers of specialized banking services with international quality and according to the modern international standards.