The United Bank sponsors the inauguration of the Musical Theater


With the launch of the Second Republic
The United Bank sponsors the inauguration of the Musical Theater in the City of Arts and Culture at the New Administrative Capital

Cairo: November 21st, 2021

The United Bank sponsored the inauguration of the Musical Theater in the City of Arts and Culture in the new administrative capital. This comes with the launch of Egypt's second republic on November 20-21with the participation of a group of local and international celebrities and a large number of delegations from different countries of the world.

The opening ceremony revived Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra - one of the most famous and prestigious orchestras in the world, in a strong message to the world that reflects the level of appreciation that the Egyptian administration in the new republic places on creativity and the masses of creators, whether on the artistic, intellectual and cultural levels.

Commenting on this great event, Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank - says that this huge event enhances Egypt's position on the world map of culture and arts to restore its rightful place as a beacon of arts and culture.

El Kady added that this event is considered the best indirect propaganda for Egypt despite of the circumstances of Corona pandemic and its repercussions on the world. Moreover, it sends positive messages about the state of stability and security in the country and stresses on the extent of awareness and gentleness of the Egyptian people.

Ashraf El Kady pointed out that art and culture are a title for the identity of peoples and a symbol of strength and will which will be reflected on the tourism movement and its ability to acquire a larger share of global cultural tourism in the near future, God willing.

The City of Arts and Culture was built in the new administrative capital to be a platform for art and culture, according to the highest international technical and artistic standards. This is part of the Egyptian state’s efforts to present high-level concerts to the public, both in Egypt and the world.

About the Vienna Philharmonic
The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra was founded in 1842. It is one of the most famous and largest orchestras in the world. Previously, it performed in Egypt in Cairo and Alexandria in 1950.

The orchestra will be conducted by Maestro Muti, who celebrated his 80th birthday. He is considered one of the most prominent conductors of the orchestra in the world. He conducts the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Luigi Cherubini Orchestra.