The United Bank's soft power to raise internal awareness and motivate UB team’s continuous development


The United Bank's soft power to raise internal awareness and motivate UB team’s continuous development


Cairo: October, 21, 2019

For two days, the sixth Middle East Conference on Corporate and Administrative Communication Strategies was held in Cairo in the presence of a group of Egyptian and Arab media to discuss a number of specialized media topics, the most challenges facing media and media effectiveness on various government institutions and the private sector.

Under the title "Public Relations is a Service Department or guidance to public opinion, Germien Amer - Head of Corporate Communications at The United Bank participated in the session. The session was moderated by Dr. Tarek Ismail, Director General of Public Relations, Cairo Air Port, with the participation of selected guests specialized in the field of corporate communication and public relations.

Germien Amer expressed that institutional communication is one of the media mechanisms towards the development of thought and formation of public awareness. This is done by developing the target audience skills and organizing their ideas as the first rules of forming public opinion. After a good identification of the target audience and inventory needs and determine the media that are commensurate with the nature of perception, culture and aspirations.

In her speech, Germien Amer pointed to the experience of corporate communications in The United Bank as the soft power that contributed to the success of the entity in its various stages of raising public awareness and motivating the team towards continuous development. As well as stitching the strategy of the institution and prompted the team to ratify and make efforts to achieve it.

She added that the institutional communication plan was divided into two phases.

The first stage is participating the senior management, media and marketing in the merging phase between three cultures representing different banking schools (The Egyptian Union Bank of Egypt - Nile Bank and Islamic Bank for Investment and Development) following the decision of The Central Bank of Egypt in mid-2006 under the policy of economic reform to stop the bleeding losses and the completion of File defaulters and qualify the team work. As well as the establishment of infrastructure to accommodate the process of integration and expansion of the new entity.

The second phase led by senior management and played the role of institutional communication in the formation of public awareness external and internal with the entire team on the plans of The United Bank in the spread and competitiveness and the great development in the form and quality of banking service provided to the public.Also advertising innovative and highly competitive banking products and solutions. As well as the gradual transformation of a digital bank. It is also a bank specializing in financing the SME and micro enterprises sector as the development engine of the national economy. As well as the rehabilitation of employees and motivate the team to the best performance commensurate with the nature of the stage and then achieve the target profits.

Work began to develop a general strategy for institutional communication to re-introduce the new entity and make a change in the trends of external and internal public opinion from: clients - decision-makers - economists and banks - professors, scientists and researchers. As well as the team from different branches and provinces.

We started externally, the goals were summarized in the first stage to broadcast media messages to reassure four segments of the public

First: Customers - that their money is completely safe under the guarantee of the Central Bank of Egypt. Invest and increase whether compatible with the provisions of legitimacy or conventional. There is a great development in banking products to suit customers. It also introduced new investment products.

Second: the economic elite and decision makers that the economic reform plans and the strengthening of banking entities are moving at a steady pace and national investments work in accordance with the development plans and a specific timetable. As well as ending a large part of the troubled debt problems.

Third: to the bankers that the experience of The United Bank is going according to the strategic plans of the Board of Directors. There is modernization and development in the technological structure of the bank and branches. Intensive team training and continuous improvement of service and quality.

Fourth: Launching marketing campaigns and intensifying awareness and media messages bearing the trademark of The United Bank. Also stressing that the new products carry Sharia-compliant transactions as well as traditional transactions.

At the internal level, working with senior management in accordance with the plan to integrate the three cultures and motivate them to work in a team spirit to end the problems of old banks and develop performance to launch the brand in the race of banks

Where was the cooperation with the Faculty of Information, Cairo University 2007 to work on the project of internal institutional communication towards change. We started an internal survey of the team of the three integrated banks - their views on the merger decision - the new brand - the slogan - the difficulties they face - the course of action - their proposals for how to integrate cultures - their acceptance of training and rehabilitation plans, etc.


A team slogan has been launched that carries the value of work, mutual cooperation and the aspiration for a whole future. United Bank... One team... A promising future

From the analysis of the opinion poll, the internal communication plan began with the stage of realization of the current reality and the necessity of direct interaction through activities and integration programs of institutional communication such as: internal publications - thought forums - dissemination of banking culture and general culture - meetings - recorded films - exchange of ideas ... etc.

Then came the second and important stage in the history of the bank, which is the transformation of The United Bank into a stubborn competitor in the market and to achieve profits and great development on the arena of digital banks.

As per Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank belief of the importance of the role of the media and its influence in the formation of awareness within the institution and employees motivation. We began to stimulate the work of the team and the announcement of the common values ​​of the institution and the development of general strategic objectives of the institution, internal and external, the most important of which is to strengthen the work system as a team, rehabilitation of young people to lead, and strengthen the position of the United Bank in the market. It also increased the bank's share and emphasized the role of the United Bank in social responsibility.

We used various media, both direct and indirect, visual, audio or written, as well as technological means that played a major role. In particular, it is directly directed after the division of the team to different specialized teams. We used direct impact groups and integrated them into interactive programs and activities.

There were a number of criteria in the institutional communication plan including: innovation - expressing opinion freely - providing opportunities - working positively and engaging - rapid response - continuous learning.

The United Bank is witnessing a series of successes, progress and continuous development, both internal and external, and The United Bank reserves for itself a distinguished position in the Egyptian market. After becoming a financial institution capable of maximizing the return on national property rights. An institution that grows at sustainable global rates in terms of human and financial investments as well as the optimal utilization of its resources from branches, infrastructure, technology, services and banking products.


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