The United Bank ranks first in the top three bankers for 2018 and the most influential women leaders in the banking market


In a Referendum for Banker's Lounge Website 2018
The United Bank ranks first in the top three bankers for 2018 and the most influential women leaders in the banking market

Cairo: December 10th, 2018
The Bankers Lounge website announced the results of 2018 referendum selecting the top three bankers who have influenced the banking sector in general. Through its official page on the social media networking site "Facebook", which has a large base of banking employees.
The website announced the victory of Ashraf El Kady – Chairman of The United Bank – in the first place. The result follows a strong balanced performance by the three banks following the acquisition and structuring. The United Bank has become one of the top 10 banks in the digital service provider led by Ashraf El-Kady.
Ashraf El Kady assumed the chairmanship of the Board of Directors of The United Bank in 2016. He served as an Assistant to the Managing Director of Suez Canal Bank, General Manager and Board Member of National Bank of Kuwait and was assigned to work at Kuwait National Bank in Kuwait for international branches. He served as Vice President of Citibank Egypt, also as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mortgage Finance Authority, the Chairman of the Mortgage Support Fund, the Vice President of American Express Bank and the Bank of America.
He holds a master's degree in banking from the University of Maastricht and a diploma in real estate finance and securitization from the University of Warren, Pennsylvania. He also received a training course in "Decision Making Strategies for Leaders" from the London Business School and many training courses in Egypt and abroad.
A referendum for the top 10 women leaders' impact on the banking sector 2018
In the same referendum, the result of the most influential women leaders announced an impact in the banking sector, where Germien Amer - Director of Corporate Communications won the first place among the list of 10 women leaders.
Germien Amer has extensive experience in institutional communications in the banking field for both local and international banks. She was graduated from The American University, Mass Communications School. She has held several positions in a number of major local and international banks and companies including Commercial International Bank and Orascom Telecom, one of US Aid projects, Dream Park and ART, as well as Gulf News corporation in The United Arab Emirates.
Germien Amer was able to combine between journalism, which was founded and developed by her father, the economic journalist Hassan Amer, and the media experience gained from her work in local and regional media organizations such as ART and the Gulf News Corporation, She was characterized by her distinctive way of simplifying and communicating the economic information and marketing.
Dr. Emad Kattara, the founder of the Banker’s Lounge, one of the most important human development consultants for a large number of banks, said the idea of conducting 2018 referendum to select the most 3 bankers and 10 most influential women leaders came in response to the request of the site's visitors.
Where the referendum events were held and continued for three consecutive weeks. All the site's visitors were able to interact directly with the referendum by means of instant voting, the results of which are immediately apparent.
Dr. Emad Kattara expressed his happiness with the results of 2018 referendum. He noted that the site "Bankers Lounge" has been established on the social media networking Facebook since 2009. The site witnessed a great interaction between employees of the banking sector at various levels of employment.
He noted that the Bankers Lounge has been very supportive of the banking leadership of young cadres over the past two years. The Bankers Lounge is one of the most specialized sites for the dissemination of banking and banking culture among employees of banks at different levels of employment.