The United Bank opens the most recent foreign currency exchange office in the city of Dekernes, Dakahlia Governorate.



Coinciding with Christmas Celebration and the beginning of the new 2020
The United Bank inaugurates foreign currency exchange office in the city of Dekernes, Dakahlia Governorate.
Cairo: January 8, 2020
Due to the annexation of the city of Dekernes, the oldest Coptic Church in Egypt, and coinciding with Christmas celebration and the New Year, The United Bank chose the city of Dekernes, in Dakahlia Governorate to open the newest foreign exchange office. And within The United Bank’s expansion plan 2020 to open a number exchange foreign currencies offices and new branches all over the governorates of the Republic to serve a wide sector of customers and achieve financial inclusion.
Faraj Abdel Hamid - Vice-Chairman of The United Bank inaugurated the Foreign Currency Exchange Office in the presence of Rehab Azmy - Head of Retail banking sector and branches and Ahmed Salah - Head of Delta and Upper Egypt branches   and Magdy Saad - Head of the Legal Sector and Saad Al-Ghamry - President of the Dakahlia Region. And a group of The United Bank staff in Dakahlia branches.
Rehab Azmy - Head of Retail Banking Sector and branches - says that The United Bank previously obtained the approval of The Central Bank of Egypt to open a number of foreign exchange offices and branches to meet customer needs all over the governorates of the Republic.
This is part of the bank’s integrated strategy to extend banking services to a larger base of clients and beneficiaries in order to achieve the national financial inclusion system. Where these offices are in the process of replacing all types of foreign currencies with the official price announced for The United Bank.
On choosing the locations of foreign currency exchange offices or branches, Rehab Azmy pointed out the importance of careful study of the geographical and demographic distribution of the population. The Dakahlia Governorate is considered as one of the largest governorates in the remittance ratios for Egyptians working abroad. As well as the commercial activity of the population.
Digital solutions for foreign exchange replacement 24/7
Rehab Azmy expressed that these offices have been provided with ATM machines with the feature of exchanging foreign currencies operating 24 hours 7 days a week so that the customer can obtain his banking service even after the end of the official working hours, which start daily from 10 am to 7 pm except Friday From 2 pm to 7 pm.
Rehab Azmy added that the town of Dekernes is famous for having the oldest churches in Egypt. Where Dekernes name dates back to the days of Coptic Egypt. It was called "Kenes Monastery ", according to the monk, "Kenes" who lived there, where the church was built.
Among the city of Dekernes’ celebrities are Ali Pasha Mubarak, The Father of the Education in Egypt and a number of sheikhs of the Islamic Call and Al-Azhar, including: Sheikh Muhammad Al-Zoghbi. Also a number of media professionals, including: Khairy Ramadan and Jamal Al-Shaer. In addition to the sport figures, the footballers Nader El Sayed and Hussam Arafat.