The United Bank launches 24/7 self-subscription service for UB digital wallet


The United Bank
launches 24/7 self-subscription service for UB digital wallet.

Ashraf El Kady: Chairman of The United Bank.
•    Digital services, the password for contemporary financial services and solutions.
•    Public behavior reshapes the future of banking services.
•    High mobile phone spread is an opportunity to improve financial services.
•    5 strategies to attract different segments of customers and expand financial inclusion.
Cairo: March 28th, 2021.

Under the slogan "Your Bank Online" and in a few seconds 24/7 without the need to go to any of the 65 branches of The United Bank, the bank recently launched a self-subscription service for UB digital wallet for its current customers all over the Republic.

The new service allows the process of activating the self-subscription of  UB digital wallet for The United Bank’s customers by downloading the application, accessing it and typing the mobile phone number to register in the service, and immediately a message will arrive, including the activation code, anytime and from anywhere in the Republic.

7 ways to charge your UB digital wallet:

It is worth to state that UB digital wallet is one of the distinguished digital wallets for ease of use and 24 hours service availability that allows: the customer's balance review – internal money transfer - cash withdrawal - payment for purchases through the QR Code feature - recording transactions - paying bills and governmental obligations - the possibility of directing donations - Insurance services - Electronic payments like universities, sports clubs and transportation companies - car licenses renewal and payment of fines.

Also, it is easy to charge the wallet through 7 different ways to make it easier for customers, which are the customer's personal account - the United Bank credit cards - prepaid cards - the national "Meeza" card - Fawry outlets - 220 United Bank’s ATMs spread all over Egypt or through all the ATMs of other banks with the slogan "Meeza"

6 local strategies to keep pace with the digitalization global trend:

Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of The United Bank, says that financial technology has become a global trend, and the local market must keep pace with the mechanisms of the times. Therefore, banks operating in the market adopt 6 main strategies to attract different segments of customers and expand the base of financial inclusion through: expansion in electronic branches - enhancing banking products and digital solutions - modernizing the technological infrastructure to accommodate the technological shift for digital services – considering the provision of services according to the highest global banking quality systems - raising the efficiency of the work team to be able to meet the customers’ needs - and increasing the community awareness campaigns on the importance of digital services.

El Kady added that the citizen’s culture is the main engine for developing banks’ strategies and creating new products that cope with their behavior. The mechanisms of interaction and business, especially after the outbreak of the global crisis of the spread of the Corona virus, showed the urgent need to create digital financial solutions and services for ease and speed of dealing, as well as taking into account the social dimension.

Ashraf El Kady pointed out that the high prevalence of mobile phones in Egypt contributed in creating an incentive for the continuous development and improvement of digital financial services. He pointed to the importance of banks continuity to conduct awareness campaigns on digital services to support the general culture of the Egyptian citizen aiming to expand the base of financial inclusion.