The United Bank launches


The United Bank launches

UB Carnival with a series of marketing convoys to support small, medium and micro enterprises across the country


Ashraf El Kady : Chairman of The United Bank

• Carnival UB is a series of exhibitions and monthly convoys to market the Egyptian product within the 63 branches of The United Bank all over governorates of the Republic.

• UB Carnival includes Egyptian products to encourage small and micro enterprises.

• UB Carnival includes 15 companies and entrepreneurs from St. Catherine to the Egyptian countryside.

• UB Carnival is an opportunity for marketing and demonstrating the talents of the bank's team.

Cairo: 26th November 2019

Under the slogan " Encourage your country's industry " The United Bank launched UB Carnival initiative, which includes the organization of a series of exhibitions and marketing convoys for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs products within the 63branches of The United Bank, which covers most of the country.

Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of the United Bank, Farag Abdul Hamid, Deputy Chairman, Nevine Kashmiry, Deputy Managing Director of Business Sectors, Moataz Al-Qasaby, Deputy Managing Director of Credit Risk Sector and an elite group of The United Bank team.

The owners of small, medium and micro enterprises explained their products and large offers made specifically for the team of the United Bank and its subsidiaries as well as a number of colleagues from the associate banks.

Commenting on UB Carnival Initiative, Ashraf El Kady says that the launch of UB Carnival initiative came within the framework of activating the community role of the United Bank. This comes within the direction of the Egyptian State and the Central Bank of Egypt in planning, implementation and coordination to support small, medium and micro enterprises.

Ashraf El Kady stressed that the launch of UB Carnival initiative with a series of convoys to tour the governorates of the Republic aims to introduce the Egyptian product and its quality. As well as opening new markets and marketing for small, medium and micro enterprises, especially from the owners of products with a competitive advantage, such as St. Catherine products and the Egyptian countryside.

15 companies in UB Carnival

According to Germain Amer, head of corporate communications, The United Bank, there are 15 companies that participated in UB Carnival with Egyptian products at special and discounted prices from: St. Catherine products - Egyptian countryside products - Medical and sun glasses - Silver products - Clothing - Knitting products - Women's accessories - Bags & Leather Products , Food & Sweets - Kitchen Supplies - Detergents - Furniture - Lighting Tools - Cosmetics & Toiletries .. Etc

UB Carnival convoy marketing series

Germien Amer explained that UB Carnival is a program consisting of a series of mobile convoys aimed at introducing Egyptian products and marketing to the owners of small, medium and micro enterprises. It is a pioneering idea adopted by the United Bank under the auspices of the Chairman. These convoys are held monthly in one of the governorates of the Republic, which includes a branch of the 63United Bank branches.

UB Carnival has witnessed a high turnout of visitors from The United Bank staff, its subsidiaries and the number of fellow banks and the ladies have topped the scene.

Encouraging the talents of The United Bank team

Germien  Amer added that UB Carnival is attended by a number of talents and handicapped from The United Bank team to showcase and market their products. This is within The United Bank's policy to enhance the spirit of belonging and opening new horizons for the talent of the team to practice their talents on a larger scale to serve the other team members within the bank.


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