The United Bank launched the campaign "The Egyptian Woman is The World’s Heart"


Celebrating the Egyptian Women's Day
The United Bank launched the campaign "The Egyptian Woman is The World’s Heart"

Cairo: March 16th, 2021
Under the slogan "The Egyptian Woman is The World’s Heart", The United Bank launched a campaign for the participation of the bank's female clients and employees in their celebration of the Egyptian Women's Day in all The United Bank’s 65 branches spread throughout the Republic, also transmitted on The United Bank's pages on the social media sites. This is in recognition of the vital role of Egyptian women in all aspects of life.

The United Bank designed a distinctive pharaonic frame for all female clients and its female work team, which reflects the strong personality of the Egyptian woman since the ancient Egyptian civilization and in appreciation of their influential role throughout the ages.

Ashraf El Kady - Chairman of The United Bank – stated that March is the month which represents a global and local appreciation for the vital performed by women’s in life.  This role is considered a true tribute to her great and important work in life as an essential partner in building and progressing.

El Kady, expressed that this type of activities is considered one of the activities carried out by the institutional communication sector as part of the annual plan to maximize the effectiveness between the various work teams and customers on the social media, aiming to increase the interaction between the work team and the customers as well as building communications bridges by highlighting the effective role of women in society.