The United Bank inaugurates branch 65 and the third digital center in Egypt


Attended by the High Flier team
The United Bank inaugurates branch 65 and the third digital center in Egypt

Cairo: September 27, 2020
A group of High Fliers, the specialized banking program to qualify second generation leaders, The United Bank inaugurated the latest branch 65 of and the third digital center in the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo to join The United Bank’s branches chain that are spread over the republic.

In the presence of Farag Abdel Hamid - Vice President of The United Bank, Moataz El Kasabi - Deputy Managing Director for the Risk Sector, Dr. Ahmed El Ghandour - Assistant Managing Director for the Investment Sector, Moustafa Abd El Hamid - Assistant Managing Director for Banking Operations, Rehab Azmy - Senior General Manager for Branches and Retail Banking Sector, and Nabil El Kalawy - Senior General Manager for the administration and real estate sector, Gamal El Banna – deputy general manager of the Real Estate Sector, and Germien Amer - Head of the Corporate Communication Sector.
Qualifying the second generation according to modern management theories
The management of The United Bank is keen on the participation of the young leaders’ team from High Fliers Program in all the internal and external activities of the United Bank. It is also concerned with their participation in developing conceptions for the current and future plans of The United Bank in accordance with the latest modern management theories concerned with the participation of young leaders to ensure their complete practical and scientific qualification before acquiring leadership positions.
Branch 65
The new 65th branch, which is the second branch of The United Bank in the Fifth Settlement, New Cairo.  It works according to the latest modern digital banking technologies since the new branch offers its customers a package of "your bank online " services, including internet banking, mobile banking and a digital wallet as well as a package of modern programs and technologies for government payments, which allow the customer to pay all his banking obligations 24 hours, 7 days a week.
The 65th branch allows The United Bank’s customers who have the "Diamond" program to enjoy a whole world of unique banking services that meet the aspirations of this important segment of customers, as well as a package of Islamic and traditional credit and prepaid cards that allow the customers to shop freely inside or outside Egypt, in addition to the excellent cash back programs.
The United Bank offers, through the new Fifth Settlement branch, a package of traditional banking services, including certificates and savings pools, with distinct returns, whether traditional or in compliance with the provisions of Shariaa, in order to meet all customers’ needs. The branch also provides financing services to customers, such as: personal finance and educational financing as well as project finances for various sizes, large, medium, small and micro, as well as startups and entrepreneurs.
The United Bank, through the new branch, provides real estate and housing financing services for medium and low-income, in addition to luxury housing in new urban communities with financing up to 15 years.