The United Bank digital financial solutions’ application is produced by Egyptians


Ashraf El Kady, Chairman of The United Bank
The United Bank digital financial solutions’ application is produced by Egyptians
Cairo: 28 June 2020
Ashraf El kady - Chairman of The United Bank, stated that  The United Bank’s application for Digital Financial Services was made by Egyptian youth, and is considered one of the best in the market; this was stated during his broadcasted interview with Dr. Emad Kattara on Bankers Lounge's page specialized in the world of banking and business.
Ashraf El kady confirmed that life after the end of  Corona crisis will be different radically than it was before the emergence of the virus, indicating that the use of technology and the trend towards digital transformation will become a major factor in the lives of many.
Ashraf El kady demands the clients to be well trained on the use technology well, because it will become the main factor at work, whether from home or anywhere, which facilitates the ability to communicate between all members of the system, assuring that this would contribute in providing the domestic revenue for Egypt.
The state's policy towards the digital transformation
Ashraf El Kady indicated that the state’s approach to the technological transformation will benefit the nation’s economy in terms of adopting a policy of financial inclusion and expanding the scope of electronic services in all institutions in Egypt, emphasizing that this step was long overdue.
Ashraf El kady added that this approach would be of great benefit to the growth of domestic national production by saving the effort and time required to obtain the service, noting that there are many developed countries in the world that have taken this approach to take advantage of the technological development in various aspects of life.
Pointing out that since he took the responsibility of managing The United Bank, he was keen to put a strategy based on technology and digitization to provide the service to the customer.
The United Bank is a digital bank
Ashraf El kady explained that The United Bank's business strategy based on hiring a group of innovative youth. Also, he clarified that the bank which will make the customer go to it after five years will be considered as an unsuccessful bank.
He explained that the bank is keen to provide the service to the customer wherever he is, whether at home or at work, or anywhere in the world, at any time, without any human intervention.
He hinted that the bank’s business strategy is based on a group of youth whom are able to innovate and present creative ideas which aims to provide the service to the customer in its best form.
Qualifying young people to cope with the requirements of the labor market
Ashraf El kady clarified that during the era of digital transformation and technology, the method of performing the human elements will shift from the traditional stereotypical way, to the use technology more, stressing the importance of relying on the use of analysis to reach good results and correct decisions during the coming period.
Ashraf El kady confirmed that the strength of work within the bank depends on youth under 37 years old besides on depending on the experienced people, noting that this mixture of youth and experience helps facilitate the transfer of experience from old to youth, As well as the youth who are able to use technology will benefit the elderly and those with experience in this field.
He, also, stressed that when offering any service to the customers; it must be available from bank’s work team, who must be fully aware of it, indicating that the bank’s employees’ ability to deal with the service contributes in increasing their ability to persuade the customer to acquire the service and encourage him to deal.