The United Bank builds its new headquarters in the new administrative capital


With more than one billion pounds investment
The United Bank builds its new headquarters in the new administrative capital with the green building technology that is more sustainable.
Ashraf  El kady, Chairman of The United Bank
•    Work in the new headquarters is in full power to open it by the end of the first half of year 2021.
•    The new headquarters is located in the financial and business district and can accommodate 1500 employees.
•    The entire building and the roads leading to it are qualified to be environmentally friendly with the more sustainable building technology.
•    The design of the building is unique and raises the overall performance of the team and the organization.
•    The United Bank supports the plans of the state and the Central Bank towards urban expansion in 5G cities.
Cairo: August 10, 2020
The United Bank revealed that it intends to move to its headquarters in the New Administrative Capital and to open it to work at full capacity in the first half of the year 2021 with investments exceeded one billion Egyptian pounds.
Ashraf El kady - Chairman of The United Bank - indicated that the work in the new headquarters, located in the financial and business district of the New Administrative Capital, began since last March 2019.
It is planned to be completed by the end of the first half of 2021, for The United Bank team’s movement.
The new headquarter’s design building is unique and raises the overall performance of the team and the organization
The total area of The United Bank's new administrative headquarters building, with all its floors, is 30,000 square meters. The unique design of the building was chosen to combine the latest architectural applications and strategies to maximize the performance of the work team to create a symphony aiming to maximize the overall performance and to save time and achieve comfort for users of the building with its various services from the work team and the public, which contributes in achieving the maximum profitability of the organization.
The new headquarters of The United Bank consists of 2 basements with a full area of land, a ground floor, and 7 floors, In addition to the roof as a an entertainment service area.
The height of the new building is about 40 meters, and it complies with the general conditions of the New Urban Communities Authority and the New Administrative Capital.
Certificate in Leadership Energy and Environmental Design for green buildings (LEED)
The design and implementation strategies for the new headquarters have taken into consideration applying the environmentally friendly building technologies to be more sustainable, both on the external and internal levels; with the LEED International Certificate in Energy and Environmental Design for Green Buildings that defines the main areas of green building standards in terms of: the location - water and energy use efficiency - atmosphere, resources and internal environmental quality.
A new headquarters that complies with the global green standards are more sustainable externally / internally:
On the external level, it begins with the general planning of the external roads leading to the headquarters and the streets surrounding the building; where it was taken into consideration the application of specific standards and general international requirements in terms of the width of the streets to ensure ease and flow, as well as the use of materials that are not harmful or polluting the environment in the preparation and implementation of roads and the project in general which contributes to the reduction of the use of organic materials (Waste Disposal).
The lighting techniques were applied with clean energy, taking into consideration the general rules and distances to ensure good lighting at night by using photocell technology that stores sunlight and turns it into clean energy. Also, glass is used on the façade of the building to achieve good visual visibility and to allow sunlight.
This is in addition to the green spaces in the roads, corridors and streets leading to the building, which contributes to improving the overall climate and health rates in the environment.
The Interior Design:
As for internally, the design included several basic elements, the most important of which are: Comfort and fluidity in movement, whether for the work team or for the clients. As well as privacy and creating a stimulating environment to achieve the highest levels of performance to meet customer needs and achieve sustainable institutional profitability.
The required rates of lighting inside the building were applied through the use of photocells of solar energy, as well as the use of solar panels to generate power for the devices necessary to feed the elements of interior lighting.
The standards of green spaces on the roof, corridors and all internal divisions were taken into consideration. As well as expanding the internal corridors to achieve the new ventilation standards, as well as choosing the latest air conditioning, ventilation and internal air purification systems Air Circulation and Ventilation to reach the right temperature to work on the different four seasons.
Also, leaving adequate spaces and taking into account health requirements in the interior furnishing elements to achieve privacy and create an environment for the building users without feeling noise and inconvenience.
Ashraf  El kady, Chairman of The United Bank, expressed that the plans of the Egyptian state aim at a studied urban expansion and the establishment of new urban and operational communities with 5G technology which contributes in attracting new investments and creating more job opportunities and thus improving the citizen's income level, as well as low unemployment rates and the elimination of slums, internal and external migration.
Ashraf El kady added that the urban expansion came in a number of new cities, including: The new administrative capital - New Suez - New Port Said - New Alamein City - and New Damietta - and New Mansoura.