The United Bank Protects his team with "protective mask"


The United Bank

Protects his team with "protective mask" for occupational safety and health and securing the work environment


Ashraf El-Kady - Chairman of The United Bank

Human Resources are The United Bank Backbone capital.

• Protecting and maintaining worker health within the organizational principles and values ​​of occupational safety and health.

• Continuing precautionary measures in The United Bank.

• Securing the work environment with occupational safety and health applications

• Media campaign to raise awareness and change the general culture in dealing with epidemics and viruses.

• A set of digital solutions to facilitate banking transactions for clients


Cairo: April 16th 2020

The United Bank distributed a "protection mask" to its team of 64 branches, as part of a series of preventive and precautionary measures implemented by The United Bank since the emergence of the new Corona virus last February.

Ashraf El-Kady - Chairman of The United Bank - says that the protection mask is a barrier made of transparent sanitary material that the customer service employee wears while working. To protect him, especially areas that are most vulnerable to transmission of viruses, such as: eyes, nose and mouth. It can be cleaned easily using effective disinfectants and alcohol according to The World Health Organization instructions.

 The protection mask acts as a barrier between the wearer and the people around him, whether they are colleagues in the branches or from clients while maintaining the specific distance allowed to prevent the transmission of the virus. This is in addition to detecting customers temperature before entering the branch and also organizing the process of customer flow in large numbers to prevent clusters.


Ashraf El-Kady expressed that protecting and maintaining the team work’s health is one of the organizational core principles and values ​​that The United Bank applies for Occupational Safety, Health and securing the work environment. Therefore, The United Bank has, since the beginning of the appearance of the Corona virus in February, a series of precautionary measures, of which 18 have been applied: applying the remote work system using the latest digital technology. Also following the rules regarding typical distances between colleagues within departments or branches. Transition to alternative sites to prevent clusters. In addition to the use of a remote heat detector for all colleagues in branches and departments.

Ashraf El-Kady added that human resources are the capital of the corporation and a reason for the corporation's push for sustainable development, improving its market competitiveness and facing various challenges.

Ashraf El-Kady indicated that the bank launched an information campaign to raise awareness and change the general culture in dealing with epidemics and viruses spread through social media. Either through direct messages or through educational videos. As well as through direct awareness with customers of the branches. And sending text messages to customers to raise awareness. This is in addition to distributing antiseptics and disinfectants to daily workers and to the residents of South Sinai, specifically the St. Catherine area.

This is in addition to the development and modernization of a package of services and digital solutions that give customers a unique opportunity to conduct all their banking transactions around the clock 7 days a week in ease and effortless effort, including: the digital wallet and the mobile banking as well as the Internet banking.

The United Bank continues to develop and modernize its digital products and services. In February 2020, it launched the QR code service and R2P payment request on the digital wallet. He also activated customer safety code service. Also, launch the self-activation service for the mobile phone service and the Internet banking. As well as offering the possibility to purchase certificates and deposits directly through digital services without the need to go to the branch.


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